VariPower Launched Today

posted on: Jun 07 2016 in Off grid, Industrial

VariPower TM Launched Today

The Variable Speed Hybrid Generator Power Solution 

Energy Solutions launched their latest innovation – VariPower - a unique variable speed generator power system today at their Head Office in Rochester. With many people attending the event they saw the first demonstration of the unit which offers flexible, efficient power for temporary and off grid power environments.

During the demonstrations customers and business colleagues were shown how the generator will seamlessly increase its rpms to deliver the capacity needed, and reduce again as required. Using a mock up of typical day and night loads the VariPower demonstrated how for periods of very low load, i.e. during the night; when only a few loads need to run, the system will simply use the power stored in the batteries. This gives silent power when most needed and reduces fuel costs dramatically. When the loads increased, the VariPower automatically started the generator and adjusted the level to suit demand.

Designed and built by Energy Solutions’ in-house Engineering team VariPower is the result of 14 months of development to address the increasing market demands for quiet power with economical generator use. The units offer true variable power from the built in generator – it can run at any level between 900 and 2000 rpm. Delivering two important advantages to customers;  firstly, economy -  if the power demand is only low the unit can run at just 900 rpm, fewer revolutions mean the generator is using less fuel and creates less noise. Secondly, longevity - the unit is not going to be worked so hard,  it will only be powering at the level required, therefore increasing the interval between generator services and renewals.   

There are two variations of the unit – the VariPower 10 is designed for the off grid power market as an all in one, static source of affordable, quiet power.  VariPower 20 whas been built to be a deployable, transportable power system for applications where instant, temporary power solutions are needed.

Managing Director Paul Holland (pictured above) was delighted with the day: “The launch has been a great success, we knew from discussions with customers that there is demand in the market for this type of  hybrid generator system. The VariPower was developed to be the ultimate variable speed solution, keeping fuel costs and carbon emissions at a minimum whenever possible, and extending the life span of the generator. I am confident that this will meet the requirements of many of the people who attended and we anticipate sending the first units out to customers at the end of this month.”

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Energy Solutions Appointed as Distributor for Polar Generator

posted on: Apr 01 2016 in Industrial

Energy Solutions are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as Distributor for Polar Vehicle Generator.  The variable speed mobile generator is perfect for the specialist vehicle industry where Energy Solutions have a well established customer base to whom they supply power and control systems and solutions.

Energy Solutions MD Paul Holland explains what attracted the company to the product: “Polar Generator are designed to be user and eco-friendly; and built to work efficiently under difficult conditions. The unit offers the advantages of smaller size, lower weight, plus the very important addition of variable speed; the unit can run its engine from 1800 to 2800 rpm dependant on load. We know from our experience with the specialist vehicle market that all of this will make them very popular in this area.”

The generators are available to order from Energy Solutions.


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Design Your Own Power, Control and Monitoring Panels

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Energy Solutions’ new Blue Seas 360 Panel System - Design & Build Your Own Power, Control and Monitoring Panels

Energy Solutions are delighted to announce that they are now a distributor of Blue Seas 360 Panel Systems.  Energy Solutions has a wide and well-established marine and vehicle customer base for whom this new system offers a unique, cost effective panel design option.

The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules, allowing multiple functions to be combined in a single panel. This innovative design offers a wide choice of AC and DC panel features; accommodates future changes and permits rapid assembly. With options ranging from battery management to source selection, the 360 Panel System provides unmatched design flexibility.  A Custom 360 Panel can be created in a fraction of the time required by a traditional custom panel build and can be built in any size from a single module to a 25 module panel with 100 circuit breakers.

Head of Sales at Energy Solutions Mark Penny explains the benefit for customers:

“We are really impressed with the Blue Seas 360 system, we have a long history of panel design and build and know how important it is to get the layout and specification absolutely perfect for each project. The Blue Seas system gives customers a vast selection of module options and panel size and they can choose their layout all via a really easy to use design portal.”

“Once logged in, the  panel design is as simple as dragging and dropping modules into the frame. Our Technical Sales team is happy to do this for our customers based on a full discussion of requirements.”

The system is a brilliant option for builders and owners wanting to move away from a mix of different panels, control switches and monitors to consolidated, professional, integrated panels as illustrated below.



Energy Solutions hope the system will be used by existing customers but also feel it will open up new areas for them; Mr Penny concludes: “We hope that this new system will allow us to work with customers who historically didn’t have the budget for our bespoke systems. This option gives them access to our technical team and combines high quality products in an integrated panel at a cost effective price.”

Interested? Here’s what to do: 

  • Email and they will contact you to discuss your requirements.
  • Technical team designs the panel with modules, circuit breakers, and labels - sends you the design and cost to confirm.
  • Once you are happy with the design, the order is placed.

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Further info and images from 01634 290772 or 07802 874451