Energy Solutions - Tank Senders

ES Tank Senders

Energy Solutions manufacture a range of Fresh, Grey & Black Water Tank Senders with 0 -10 Volt output.

You are able to order these tank senders using the appropiate downloads to the right; the forms also give you detailed information and fitting instructions.

Sender Options

  • Plastic bodied sender for tank top mounting - suitable for fresh, grey and black water.
  • Plastic bodied sender for pipe work mounting - suitable for fresh or grey water.
  • Metal bodied sender for tank top mounting - suitable for fuel.
  • Metal bodied sender for tank side mounting - suitable for fuel.


  • Damper module for tanks with fluid movement
  • Pump control module - operates black tank discharge pump dependant on content level.
  • Pump control module - operates fuel day tank pump dependant on content level.
  • VE.NET module - monitors up to eight senders and controls eight pumps or valves.
  • Converter from 0-10 Volt to 4-20 Ma


  • The tank sender uses a precision pressure transducer to measure the pressure of air trapped in sender body. As the fluid level increases the pressure rises. The unit outputs 0 volts when empty and 10 volts (nominal) when full.
  • The sender can generate an output voltage higher than 10V (100%). The sender can be trimmed to display 100% via a trim pot inside the sender head. This needs to be done with the tank full.
  • Operates from a nominal 24V DC power supply protected by a 3Amp fuse or circuit breaker.
  • More than one meter can be driven from a single sender.
  • Sender can feed standard instrument, PLC or VE.Net module for network applications.