EasyGrid Commercial 30kVA & 45kVA

EasyGrid 30kVA & 45kVA Hybrid Power Units featuring HEMS (Hybrid Energy Management System)


Our EasyGrid commercial range offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to using a diesel generator alone on site. They help you deliver cost savings, reduce emissions and run silent power to loads when needed, all with the option of one of the most sophisticated telematics energy management systems available.


Why go Hybrid?

  • Monitor and control power usage efficiently
  • Reduce fuel costs and servicing intervals
  • Silent running, considerate construction
  • Lower emissions and reach sustainability goals.

Why use an EasyGrid hybrid power system rather than a generator alone?

Connect renewables

Connect solar and wind for free, sustainable energy input

Lower emissions 

Reduce your carbon footprint and meet new legislative requirements

Control power 

Distribute, monitor, and control power usage efficiently

Reduce fuel costs

Less generator run time means less fuel, servicing and refuelling visits

Silent running

For quiet periods or at night run from battery power

Smart Power

The built-in intelligence of the system means the EasyGrid provides power in the most efficient way possible without user intervention.

The EasyGrid unit connects to a generator, and renewables if available, storing energy in its battery bank until needed. When power requirements are lower – silent, emission-free electricity is supplied from the battery bank, allowing more cost-efficient use of the generator. The generator now only needs to run when the loads are high or the batteries need to be topped up.


Connecting your generator to a one or multiple EasyGrids on site

Single Hybrid Unit Set Up

The EasyGrid 30kVA and 45kVA come with a 63A three phase main inlet/outlet as standard which connects with any make of generator up to 60kVA. The inlet/outlet can be upgraded to 125A three phase to connect with up to 100kVA gensets on request.


Multiple Hybrid Units Set Up

On sites that have one large generator as a central power hub, multiple EasyGrid units (up to 10) can be set up via an on site distribution board to work in synchronisation and deliver power to separate areas. 

This is not just a case of paralleling the generator auto start connections - the multiple unit hybrid system allows sophisticated communication between each unit to ensure that all EasyGrids can still deliver power to their respective loads but will not demand power from the generator when it receives a stop signal from a single unit. Thus allowing the generator to shut down safely.




Hybrid Energy Management System (HEMS)

Telematics monitoring and control system

Real time information and immediate control of your units

We are used to being connected and to be able to access data and information as we need it – and monitoring your power systems is no different. Our HEMS Telematics monitoring and control system allows you to monitor your EasyGrid, generators, renewables and mains connections in real time so you can make decisions when they are needed in minutes, not hours or days. But the system is more than that – it allows you to pre-set scenarios so that in given situations you know that the system is making the best and most efficient use of the power available 24/7.

HEMS has been designed to give reliable feedback but it’s also flexible, in depth and helps you deliver tangible improvements in efficiency and cost savings. That is why for the majority of clients we recommend our EasyGrid with HEMS Telematics monitoring and control system.

HEMS is a unique and hugely efficient software and allows you to accurately control your power usage 24/7. It helps optimise the delivery of power to a site and gives specific, in depth efficiency controls as to how loads are managed on site. The system still gives access to the VRM online portal but offers additional features. Those additional features make EasyGrid the most effective hybrid power unit currently available in the UK.

HEMS Hybrid Energy Management System key features:

  • Multiple outlets on the EasyGrid unit can be used and independently controlled. i.e. socket 1 can be run with completely different times to socket 2
  • Excellent Battery Management – HEMS ensures that the EasyGrid’s batteries are charged/discharged in the best way to maintain optimum performance and cyclic life.
  • Sensors and clocks allow accurate control of certain sockets and can be used to initiate load shedding if required.
  • Sophisticated quiet time settings ensure that the EasyGrid batteries are fully charged before entering quiet hours.
  • Intelligent generator controls via multiple start/stop parameters can be set if required
  • Detailed monitoring and data collection available to be seen both on and off site including kWh generated/used, fuel consumed per kWh and emissions savings.


EasyGrid HEMS Telematics Monitoring and Control System

Our HEMS system is an option for all EasyGrid units and gives advanced, sophisticated monitoring and control

This is just one example of the numerous control and monitoring screens you will be able to view and work from.

Remote monitoring and control

If you are running your hybrid system remotely or managing several sites HEMS will allow you to see full details, make changes as though you were in front of the unit, and have full data analysis. The screens provide historical and live electrical data, broken down to individual sockets on the unit.

So with real-time data you can see the output of each socket and what mode it is in, and on ecological data see fuel saved today and carbon emissions reduced. Ecological history provides fuel and emissions saved over time periods, this includes comparisons illustrating where fuel consumption and emissions would have been if the site had run on a generator alone (working with exact capacities and consumption).


Purchasing your EasyGrid Unit

To discuss your Off Grid power requirements please contact us

01634 290772



EasyGrid Customisation 

We understand that for many companies the importance of having their own branding on their site units. For those situations, we offer customisation options on both the 30kVA and 45kVA units. This allows you to have the EasyGrid unit branded in your own livery and for your control screens to include your colours and logos.

We can also tailor the exact capacity of the units to meet your specific requirements. Talk to us about the various options available.


Custom/Bespoke Units 

  • Available in any commercially available RAL colour in gloss or leatherette finish.  
  • Units can be branded inhouse or by client 
  • No external Energy Solutions stickering
  • Control panel fully customised with company logo and colour scheme.  
  • UK based fabricator and all enclosures designed in house by us. 
  • Technical specifications can be modified to tailor individual requirements i.e. battery capacity and/ or solar connectivity. 

HEMS Distribution Board

Our standalone HEMS Distribution Board has been designed to work alongside any make of hybrid power unit, generator or mains connection. It offers a limited range of HEMS functionality but is designed to enhance the savings that other models can offer, and give greater visibility for monitoring and control.

This is a great solution for clients unable to switch entirely to EasyGrids with HEMS functionality or those who are looking for a stepping stone before moving over to hybrid power. 


  • Offers limited HEMS functionality to an existing hybrid unit/generator/mains connection. 
  • Distribution board with up to 9 x 32A single phase outlets all of which are programmable via the control panel or remotely (same as HEM’S on EasyGrid). 
  • Main 125A three phase inlet and outlet.
  • Distribution board complete with galvanised metal frame with integrated forklift pockets.