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At Energy Solutions, we're passionate about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. That's why we offer hybrid power and monitoring systems that combine renewable energy sources with traditional power sources, resulting in reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency. Our hybrid systems can help you achieve your sustainability goals, while still delivering reliable power to your marine, specialist vehicle, or off-grid application. With sophisticated controls and remote monitoring capabilities, you can have complete peace of mind while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you're looking to reduce your environmental impact or simply save on energy costs, our hybrid systems can provide a reliable and sustainable solution.

Hybrid power solutions are integral to many of our systems – the ability to drive up efficiency and bring down emissions is vital to customers and increasingly these solutions allow the integration of renewable energy alongside the storage capabilities of new generation batteries.

So whether you are interested in our standard product range or are looking for a bespoke solution we can help. All systems are delivered by our professional in-house teams, from initial briefing to final commissioning and on-going technical support. Our experience has made us a one-stop solution for customers – giving you a partner to rely on and come back to time and time again.



Hybrid Power – driving up efficiency, driving down emissions

Our hybrid power systems combine the best available power generation & energy storage with sophisticated control. The systems are designed for the generation and use of electrical power in areas where a traditional grid connection is not available. Whether it is on a boat, a vehicle, commercial or residential site, our hybrid power systems deliver power in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Hybrid power brings you the ability to reduce emissions and drive up efficiency.  With many of our systems we combine of two or more energy sources for producing electricity: traditional power generation such as a generator alongside renewable power sources including solar and wind. This combined approach ensures a reduction in carbon emissions with cost effective power. The energy storage capacity combined with precise control allows our systems to deliver silent power when needed, essential in many environments at night time.

Use of the latest battery technology means our hybrid power solutions offer exceptional storage capabilities, allowing the most efficient use of the power generated with a compact footprint.  Even our integrated generators are variable speed so only the energy required is produced.

How Hybrid Power works

EasyGrid – hybrid off grid power unit

Our EasyGrid range brings off grid power solutions to homes and businesses without a mains grid connection at a reasonable cost. Rather than having to source separate components and have a bespoke system designed, our EasyGrid series offers a pre-configured, self-contained unit built from durable, high quality components; fully tested and ready to install. The EasyGrid enclosures are made from powder coated steel; allowing them to be installed either inside or outside depending on requirements. Suitable for installation worldwide the EasyGrid range addresses off grid power needs and can be installed by a competent local electrician.


How does it work?

Our EasyGrid units connect to your solar array, they also have a connection for a generator. The EasyGrid supply utilises energy from the solar array to charge the batteries, where energy will be stored until needed. The array then tops up the batteries as the power is used. The system can also support additional loads to those listed when connected to a generator. In addition, if a generator is connected and the batteries are depleted and no solar power is available, the system will send a start signal to the generator to provide power and charge the batteries.

Available in three sizes, EasyGrid 3000Li, EasyGrid 5000Li & EasyGrid 10000Li.




EasyGrid Commercial 30kVA & 45kVA

EasyGrid 30kVA & 45kVA Hybrid Power Units featuring HEMS (Hybrid Energy Management System). Our EasyGrid commercial range offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to using a diesel generator alone on site. They help you deliver cost savings, reduce emissions and run silent power to loads when needed, all with the option of one of the most sophisticated telematics energy management systems available.




Iso-Boost transformers

For USA spec boats we offer a replacement for the Charles Industries Iso-Boost transformer. This has two input voltage ranges at 208 volt and 240 volt nominal to allow a boat to connect to 2 legs of a 208 volt three phase supply in the USA or to a 240 volt split phase supply. The transformer automatically selects the appropriate input. This can also be helpful if your 240 volt supply is weak (for instance if you are at the end of the dock).





VariPower is a variable speed generator combined with a highly efficient lithium battery bank. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK. The unit provides transportable, instant power for temporary, back-up and off grid situations in any environment.

Unlike traditional generators which only run at one speed whatever the load demands, the variable speed generator combines the latest control technology and PMG alternator and will run at the most efficient RPM (between 900 – 2000) dependent on the energy requirement; providing just enough power for the load and to charge/top up the batteries without any waste.




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