Independent Solar Pod

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in Hybrid


The Perfect Power Unit for Small Off Grid Applications

Our latest off grid power solution delivers a standalone, sustainable power solution to locations without a grid connection requiring a constant, low power supply. 

Independent Solar Pod utilises stored solar energy to power loads as and when needed. With a built in monitoring system allowing 24/7 connection it makes the units ideal for remote, unmanned environments such as CCTV sites, air quality monitoring and WiFi extenders.


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NEW Victron Phoenix Smart Inverters

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in Marine, Vehicle

Perfect for Smaller Power Projects

This new range of smart inverters from Victron are powerful enough to supply most common plug-in appliances in your car, boat, caravan or home; making them perfect for smaller projects looking for a reliable, easy installation.


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Six Hybrid Options - Which is Right for Your Application?

posted on: Feb 05 2020 in Hybrid, Off grid


Our hybrid power solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications, from construction, farming, rail and telecoms to humanitarian aid, emergency back up, monitoring and defence. Giving users 24/7 power but with significantly lower emissions & operating costs than running a diesel generator alone.


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20 Years Sales Success Built on Expertise & Integration

posted on: Jan 30 2020 in Marine, Hybrid, Off grid

20 Years of Victron Sales Success

2020 sees the 20th anniversary of Energy Solutions distributing Victron Energy products in the UK, a business partnership that has grown year on year.

From the early days of selling power, monitoring and control products and services to marine customers, Energy Solutions has evolved to become a system designer, manufacturer and distributor for the marine, vehicle and off grid markets; with Victron products forming an integral and integrated part of many of those systems.


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