Energy Solutions Develop Data Driven Electrical System for Numarine’s Mini Expedition Yacht

posted on: May 18 2021 in Case Studies, Marine


Case Study: Numarine 22XP – Data Driven Electrical System

Numarine’s Explorer range has been a success story from the first vessel, delivering boats capable of adventurous journeys built with powerful design, robust engineering and luxury on-board living.



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WEBINAR - Reducing Emissions & Operating Costs with Hybrid Power Systems

posted on: Mar 23 2021 in Hybrid, Off grid


Tuesday 30th March, 12pm

Join our webinar next week to find out how hybrid power systems offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to using a diesel generator alone on site. Discover how they can help you deliver cost savings, reduce emissions and run silent power to loads when needed, all monitored and controlled by one of the most sophisticated telematics energy management systems available.


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New 48V System Power Standard

posted on: Mar 11 2021 in Marine


Alternators and Regulators for 48VDC Systems from Balmar

Boatbuilders and owners are increasingly specifying 48V systems that meet the need for ever-increasing power demands from DC battery systems. Running Victron inverters to power air conditioning and cooking for example, can stretch 12V systems beyond practical application. 


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Electric Drives - Range Expanded

posted on: Feb 09 2021 in Marine


Electric Drives 48VDC, 4kW - 50kW options now available

Since we first introduced electric drives to our range of marine products we have been delighted to see interest surge from both boat builders and owners. The ability to run silently without emissions is a great attraction both on a personal as well as environmental level. 


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