JCB Power Products

JCB Power Products

Energy Solutions is a dealer for JCB Power Products, with particular specialisation in the Hybrid Power products. We supply generators, lighting towers and hybrid power solutions to our customers and our technical sales team are able to advise on the best options for specific projects.

JCB Generators

JCB Power Products offer a comprehensive range of over 170 models ranging from 8kVA to 3300kVA, split into product ranges to help our customers establish their power needs to suit any application.

Open or canopied, single or 3 phase, 50 or 60Hz frequency, plus various voltage options; JCB generator provide a lot of options for tailoring to meet exact power requirements.

JCB generators are designed to suit any application. From back-up support for residential properties or supporting hospitals, to prime power on construction sites or off-grid locations, JCB Power Products can deliver the power you need.

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8 - 45 kVA JCB Diesel Generators

A compact range, the power behind the smaller JCB generators is provided by the compact and reliable Yanmar engines.

Model Range (open/Canopy): G8X/QX - G45X/QX

Engine: Yanmar Engine

65 - 140 kVA JCB Diesel Generators

The Power behind our G65QX – G141QX JCB Generators is the world beating JCB Dieselmax engine; a compact generator delivering 6 cylinder performance from a 4 cylinder engine.

Models: G65X/QX – G141X/QX

Engine: JCB Dieselmax Engine

G65QS - G140QS: JCB Dieselmax engine

If you need power generation you can rely on, the JCB Power Products range is for you. Our latest G65QS to G140QS generators are our latest rugged and efficient units.

JCB Lighting Towers

JCB Power Products offer a comprehensive range of lighting towers, including towable and static models.

Available as 50 or 60Hz, JCB lighting towers are powered by water-cooled Yanmar engines and each tower is fitted with either metal halide or LED bulbs.

Each tower features a 9m mast which can be rotated 360 Degrees to ensure optimum light positioning.

  • Large fuel tanks for extended runtime
  • A choice of 1000W metal halide bulbs or 240W LED bulbs
  • Auxiliary supply for powering small tools
  • High quality insulation ensures low noise levels

JCB Hybrid Solutions

For an alternative power source, choose JCB’s Inteli-Hybrid range. Each hybrid generator can offer significant savings in fuel and CO2, whilst providing important savings in cost too.


B40 Battery Box
Significantly reduce your emissions and fuel use

JCB Battery Box B40


Inteli-Hybrid Generator
The first JCB Inteli-Hybrid generator