Efficient Sustainable Electrification

What we do

Our focus is on the design, build and supply of hybrid power solutions to marine, vehicle and off grid markets. Energy Solutions supply the full range of products needed to build fully integrated power, monitoring and control systems.

Our innovative solutions have given focus for many years towards a sustainable and resilient energy future. With the fast progression of renewable energy markets, the importance of combining different sources of power into a hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) has gained more attraction to our clients for the efficiency and cost savings, security in downtime and flexibility in integration.

Hybrid power energy solutions can be complex. As we continue to grow our highly creative team of engineers, designers and builders, our understanding and modelling of hybrids puts us at the forefront of the industry, meeting the demands of increasingly sophisticated end users.


Marine is Energy Solutions’ longest established market area, since 1996 we have been working with leading OEM boatbuilders, superyacht owners, boat yards and individual sailing and motor yachts. As well as helping clients find power and control systems that fit their requirements we continually strive to introduce new, innovative products to our customers. We research, design and manufacture in house and provide new ways for our clients to attract customers and set themselves apart in terms of look, efficiency and technology. Working with products from the world’s leading manufacturers we are able to offer clients fully designed systems incorporating all elements form helm panels to tank senders.

Off Grid

We are the UK’s leading supplier of off grid power systems supplying high quality hybrid power systems to residential and commercial customers across the UK and internationally for whom connection to the grid is not a viable option. Our range of Off Grid Solutions includes EasyGrid – a plug and play hybrid solution for homes and businesses looking for a straightforward, affordable way to generate their own power and Containerised systems – robust, semi bespoke systems ideal for isolated projects. We work with off grid power for a variety of sectors including Residential, Farming, Construction, Commercial, Leisure, Glamping, Broadcast, Monitoring, Humanitarian Aid, Utilities and Telecoms.


With service, work and recreational vehicles using an increasing amount of tools, equipment and electrical devices onboard there is a growing demand from automotive builders and owners for power & monitoring systems that offer reliable yet sophisticated capabilities. Energy Solutions provides a range of onboard power systems and services for vehicles that allow you to buy or develop the system that is right for your needs.


The move towards net zero and a more sustainable world is driving the electrification of many vehicles and onboard equipment that would have traditionally been powered by fossil fuel combustion engines. Energy Solutions' extensive experience and engineering expertise in battery and inverter systems position us well to support and assist clients as they progress towards their own sustainability goals by developing new ways of powering their systems.

Our Story

Back in the day, I was living life on the water. I’d bought a 38-meter Dutch Barge—a sturdy vessel with character. But it wasn’t just about leisurely cruises; it was a pivotal moment that would change my trajectory.

The barge community is tight-knit. Fellow barge enthusiasts introduced me to some Dutch manufacturers. These folks were engineering marvels.

Their products fascinated me. The precision, the innovation. So, in 1994, armed with determination and a dash of madness, I took the plunge. Energy Solutions was born. A small team—just a handful of us—set up shop. Our passion grew wings, and so did our team. Today, we’re a team of over 90 engineers, production technicians, logistics, sales, and service staff.

Paul Holland
Managing Director & Founder

Start of business 1994
Sunseeker 105 electrical system developed 2001
Fairline 74 electrical system developed 2002
Appointed UK Victron dealer 2004
Our first offgrid hybrid power system delivered 2009
JCB contract to develop hybrid all in one generator 2014
Hybrid power systems contract for Green Power Hire 2021
Numarine 30 XP hybrid propulsion system developed 2024
Our Story

Why Us


Our ethos is all about innovation and robust technical solutions. If we work on a project, develop a new product or work with key manufacturers we aim to be at the forefront of the market; raising expectations, delivering quality and meeting the demands of increasingly sophisticated end users.


We work with leading international manufacturers and distribute their products in order to supply our customers with a complete electrical power, monitoring and control solution. We work with some of the biggest names in each market sector and have established ourselves as a key supplier bringing new ideas and technical updates on a continual basis.


We collaborate with numerous OEMs to develop systems for super yachts, specialist vehicles, and land-based equipment. Our expertise and ability to work with client specifications and in-house engineering teams have established Energy Solutions as a leading provider in our field.


During your project, Energy Solutions will be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to final implementation. Our engineering team will provide comprehensive drawing packages, both 2D and 3D as appropriate, and will assist during commissioning phases. Post-project, our service team will take over to provide ongoing support in the field.

Who we are

Our leadership team is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of service and innovation. With a wealth of experience in engineering and project management, they guide Energy Solutions in delivering exceptional results and supporting our clients' journey towards sustainability.

Paul Holland

Managing Director and Founder of Energy Solutions

Paul’s interest in boats initially inspired him to pursue his career and over the years, this has morphed into an interest in efficiency, sustainability, and electrification. The need to be independent at sea, and to maximise the use of readily available resources, has meant he has been looking at achieving these goals for 30 years.

Understanding the technology and detail is vital to the field to create a working environment where innovation is at the heart of what we do.

In his role at Energy Solutions, he hopes to create an environment where people can realise their potential and be a part of the transition to a carbon free future.

“Businesses are increasingly needing to address their emissions, and the solutions that we have can provide an efficient and economical way to do that. As we continue to grow our highly creative team, we are well positioned to meet these industry demands”

Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time on his boat – some things don’t change!

Mark Penny

Commercial Manager

Previous to his current role as Commercial Manager, Mark held the position of Production Manager and Operations Manager.

Mark Joined Energy Solutions in 2008 wanting to move into the manufacturing industry following a successful career within Investment Banking. This background has given Mark a solid financial foundation which certainly aids in most if not all business decisions.

He aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of market conditions, industry trends, and business operations, enabling the company to develop an effective sales and marketing strategy, driving the business towards achieving our growth ambitions.

Mark also has a keen interest in sailing and races a dinghy most weekends during the summer, having competed Nationally and in European competitions.

“It’s good to always be open minded, challenge the status quo (not every day) and never be afraid to ask if you do not understand how things work”.

Nigel Stuart
Chief Operating Officer

Nigel brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles in the luxury maritime industry. Before his new position, Nigel served as COO at Holland and Holland, where he was recruited by the Beretta family to lead the rejuvenation of the business following their acquisition in January 2021. During his tenure, he successfully revitalised the company, driving it towards new heights of excellence.

Prior to his role at Holland and Holland, Nigel was the Managing Director of Spirit Yachts from 2014 to 2021 and throughout his career, he has demonstrated a strong passion for environmental solutions within the marine sector, blending his mechanical and electrical engineering expertise to innovate sustainable maritime technologies. In addition to his professional achievements, Nigel is an accomplished sailor. He holds certifications as an RYA Instructor (Sailing) and an RYA Yachtmaster (Yacht Cruising), and is an avid racer of dinghies and catamarans.

“I have known Paul and the team for some time and am very pleased to join Energy Solutions. The Company has an exceptional track record for providing bespoke energy solutions not only in the marine arena but across several industries as the innovative approach of the team and adaptability of their products make their solutions best in class.”

Emma Priestley

Finance Manager

Emma is a qualified accountant with over 17 years’ experience in audit, accounts, management accounts, bookkeeping and managing a finance team and has been AAT qualified since 2009.

She returned to the Company as Finance Manager in March 2024, having previously worked in the finance team for four months to January 2018. Emma’s former role was at Harbour Rock Capital Limited where she was Head of Finance. 

Her role at Energy Solutions involves overseeing the day to day running of the finance team.

Her spare time is spent exercising and she is a keen jogger whilst also enjoying swimming and spin classes. When not doing this, she enjoys reading novels and indulging in a wide range of music.

 “I returned to Energy Solutions after 6 years having watched the exciting growth the Company has taken. I am keen to improve and streamline processes in order to create an efficient environment”.

Stuart Margerum

Operations Manager

Stuart rejoined the team in March 2024 as Operations Manager, having worked for the Company in 2020 as Finance Manager.

Stuart is a CIMA qualified accountant, and has worked in the Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Food industries and is experienced in controllership, management accounting, budgeting, forecasting, business partnering and efficiency improvement programs.

Throughout Stuarts finance career he has partnered closely with the supply chain and manufacturing functions. Stuart’s role will include streamlining and implementing efficiencies across the supply chain functions of the Company.

“I rejoined the Company having honed my skills and gained further expertise across a number of industries.

The supply chain is a key aspect of our business and my expertise in finance as well as having partnered closely with supply chain and manufacturing functions will enable me to provide the best possible services for our customers.”

Daniel Cox

Technical Manager

Daniel has been part of the team for nearly 14 years, working across a variety of jobs during this time. He started out as part of our E-Plex team before moving across to head up our engineering team as Engineering Manager.

Daniel started out in broadcast audio both during and after studying Engineering at University. From broadcast he moved over into a more marine systems engineering role, finally joining us at Energy Solutions.

What drives Daniel’s passion? Making the most of travel opportunities, doing things out of his comfort zone and to always keeping learning. All this keeps his work interesting, having worked on some of the Company's exciting, as well as challenging, projects over the years.

“Above all, I never stop learning, that’s what motivates me. I am fortunate to have worked on some extremely interesting projects over the years.”

John Barnes

Production Manager

John joined Energy Solutions in 2003 starting in the service department, to help service and maintain the products that Energy Solutions produced,

Prior to joining Energy Solutions John worked at a lifting and rigging company working in a team manufacturing lifting beams. He later moved to the chandlery side of the business and received training on Honda Power Equipment which led to supporting and servicing these products.

In 2017 John’s role moved from Service Manager to Project Manager looking after bespoke products, these ranged from one off products for Super Yachts to bespoke project builds then in 2021 moved to the role of Production Manager. With the support of the production team, we are implementing lean manufacturing processes for our production lines. John also spends time mentoring and supporting our apprentices with the skills and knowledge acquired over his time at Energy Solutions.

“During my time in this role I have had the opportunity to travel the world supporting our customers. Later I became the Service Manager when we started to grow the team and have the opportunity as Production Manager of mentoring apprentices”.

Mark Kemsley

Sales Manager

Mark Kemsley joined us in 1998. As one of the old guard, Mark joined Energy Solutions when it was a much smaller team (just 4 employees). He handled everything from sales/order processing to packing and shipping. Over the years his role with the company has diversified into many areas as Energy Solutions has grown, but he has always remained part of the technical sales aspect.

His previous experience has been within production, assembly, wiring and administration, all of which have helped him during his time at Energy Solutions.

Today, Mark works as our internal Sales Manager here at Energy Solutions, covering the distributed product ranges for the company, working within the marine, specialist vehicle and off-grid power sectors for the business. His team are responsible for looking after the sales, technical support and order processing elements for the Company.

“I have enjoyed working for a progressive and diverse company, especially within the marine sector and watching it grow as a company and fulfil its potential.”

Gurvinder Johal

Head of Sales for Electrification

Gurvinder is responsible for growing the business by supporting clients on their journey towards utilising batteries and renewable technologies in place of traditional fossil fuels.

Returning to Energy Solutions in March 2024, prior to leaving in 2021, Gurvinder had been with us for four years. He decided to return as the business goes through a great period of transformation and saw it as a good opportunity to utilise and develop his skillset to be a key part of our growth and success.

During his time at Energy Solutions, he has gained a solid foundation and understanding of battery storage and hybrid power technologies, allowing him to develop and utilise his passion for supporting businesses on their sustainability journeys by providing them with technical solutions revolving around battery and inverter systems.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management (AIEMA). He is due to start his MSc in Senior Sales Leadership later this year.

My background is in traditional battery storage units working alongside backup diesel generator systems which has given me the basis to now work on more technical offerings for customers.”

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