ASEA - Power Frequency Converters

ASEA - Power Frequency Converters

Energy Solutions are the sole distributor of ASEA in the UK. Already installed in numerous superyachts and OEM ranges these frequency converters offer unrivalled benefits for vessels of all sizes.

Frequency converters have long been the domain of super yachts only. However the ASEA range brings the advantages of shore power conversion to vessels of all sizes. The ability to plug into any shore power supply world wide now exists, at an affordable price, for smaller yachts as well as the traditional superyacht sector.

The ASEA power frequency converters will accept any input voltage between 180 - 520 volts and any input frequency between 45 - 65 Hz. Some units accept both single and three phase whilst others are dedicated (although a single phase unit is quite happy to use 2 of the 3 phases of a 3 phase supply).

Power Conditioning

Low voltage at your existing marina berth? - Asea power will condition poor local supplies to give you precisely regulated voltage onboard.


World wide cruising? - Asea Power's universal input allows you simply to plug in anywhere - Europe, Caribbean, USA...

For the salt

Corrosion concerns? - Asea Power provides galvanic protection.

ASEA power frequency converters

The unit is completely automatic; simply plug in and the ASEA Power unit will do the rest. The range of static frequency converters are designed to supply high quality, continuous duty sinusoidal power of a fixed frequency and voltage for stable on board power.

They are quiet in operation and maintenance free. Not only will they provide voltage and frequency conversion, but as an additional benefit they offer galvanic isolation and a high level of filtering from transients, spikes and voltage variations from the marina supply.

The cabinets are a mixture of Stainless Steel and marine grade Aluminium powder coated for a long life, fixings are stainless steel.

ASEA uniquely offer 3 different technologies to aid your installation. Their standard range are air cooled with standard frequency power conversion. The HF range use high frequency switching to allow use of smaller magnetic components. These units offer reduced size and weight and are popular with the sail boat market. Lastly liquid cooled versions are offered. These use chilled water from the vessels AC system to cool the unit via a heat exchanger. This reduces local rejected heat and makes installations in tight compartments much more straight forward.

The front panel features a sophisticated control and monitoring station which can be enhanced with an optional remote touch screen user control.

With units from 8 Kva to 500 Kva we have a system to suit your application.

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