ASEA - Power Frequency Converters

ASEA - Power Frequency Converters

Since 1999 we have been supplying ASEA frequency converters with a complete technical back up and commissioning service to UK customers. In 2019 that territory expanded to include Holland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Across all these countries we work with leading OEMS, ship yards, individual boat owners; providing them with a full service from initial enquiry to specification to supply and commissioning onboard.  

Over the years the ASEA range of products has grown to become one of the most comprehensive ranges of frequency converters in the world. Based in California, ASEA Power has a proud legacy of innovation and performance building their wide portfolio of products to exceed industry safety standards, making them a brand of choice for quality boat builders. The ASEA range brings the advantages of shore power conversion to vessels of all sizes. The ability to plug into any shore power supply across the globe whether they are a smaller yacht or a superyacht, has led to ASEA frequency converters being installed in superyachts and OEM ranges worldwide.

Power Conditioning

Low voltage at your existing marina berth? - Asea power will condition poor local supplies to give you precisely regulated voltage onboard.


World wide cruising? - Asea Power's universal input allows you simply to plug in anywhere - Europe, Caribbean, USA...

For the salt

Corrosion concerns? - Asea Power provides galvanic protection.


ASEA power frequency converters

ASEA Power Systems has a proud legacy of innovation and performance and their wide portfolio of products are built to exceed industry safety standards. With fully-shielded isolation transformers protecting each product, no matter your needs, ASEA Power has you covered.

ASEA Shore Power Converter List 2019/2020



The ASEA product range is comprehensive with a Series to fit all requirements:

Standard Series

​The standard product series offers various options, including dual or single cord and single or three phase capability. Built with popular stainless-steel enclosures, the Standard Series can be built to various cabinet styles and can be completely customized to fit virtually any space.

AC Series

​The AC Series are some of the lightest and most compact shore power converters available on the market. Units from the Standard Series have been installed in thousands of vessels around the globe and offer high power density. This series features a stainless-steel chassis and powder-coated aluminum covers.

Q Series

The Q Series features a modular configuration for easy installation and service. Additionally, units with three phase input feature reduced mode capability, allowing them to operate at two-thirds capacity should one module be compromised. The Q Series features powder-coated aluminum covers and chassis, making it incredibly lightweight. The Q Series can also be built in a two-piece configuration (QTP).

LC Series

​For those with limited space, the Liquid Cooled Series offers a compact solution with no requirement for Air Flow Ventilation. The LC Series features a stainless-steel chassis and powder-coated aluminum covers.

NV Series

The NV series operates on three phase modules, allowing for reduced capacity mode operation if a single module is compromised. The NV series is built in a vertical configuration and is often paired with a heat exchanger.

NVHE Series

​The Vertical Heat Exchanger Series utilizes the vessel’s existing chilled water system to remove heat. VHE Series converters can be isolated from the ship’s engine room environment, so customers do not need to consider the engine room temperature when installing. There is also an optional conversion to the air-cooled system available if the vessel’s chilled water system is unavailable. The VHE Series features a stainless-steel chassis and powder-coated aluminum covers.

TP Series

​The Two-Piece Series breaks a standard unit into small, manageable pieces for ease of installation in vessels with limited space. The TP series features a stainless-steel chassis and powder-coated aluminum covers.

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Tailored Solutions

Shore power conversion needs vary widely throughout the marine market. Each ASEA Power shore power conversion unit is fully customizable, yielding an end product that meets your exact specification needs. Choose from our available Custom Options:

Seamless Transfer Option (STO)

ASEA Power offers one of the most reliable seamless transfer systems on the market. Our STO eliminates the need for a PLC-STO system and has the ability to transfer up to four generators seamlessly, eliminating interruptions in power whether the direction is to the shore or the generator.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Preventing power disturbances onboard is key to maintaining safety and security of the vessel and its IT systems. ASEA Power’s UPS systems are capable of supplying 50Q and up or any kVA, providing the flexibility required to bring generator sets online or until the shore power returns.

Remote Touch Panel

Monitor and control an ASEA Power shore power converter from a distance of up to 1,000 feet with a remote touch panel that uses modbus RS-485 communication technology.

K2A/K4A Auxiliary

With online and standby dry contact confirmation signals, these auxiliaries are capable of controlling another device or sending a status-indicating signal.

Converter Output Circuit Breaker Option (COCBO)

This custom ASEA Power option controls the external shore circuit breaker to isolate the converter from bus when not in use.

Dual Master Control

Take advantage of the capability to run two power distribution buses at the same time or separately – ASEA Power’s dual master controls run in parallel or independent of one another. 

Programmable Logic Control

Conveniently control your ASEA Power shore power converter remotely using a 24V input.


ASEA Shore Power Converter List 2019/2020

Download our new 2019 / 2020 ASEA Shore Power Converter List.


ASEA Shore Power Converter List 2019/2020