Energy Solutions - Marine Helm Panels

Helm Panels

Energy Solutions offer a range of electrical design & build services to the marine industry. Our bespoke panel building capabilities allow us to build to your exact requirements including physical or capacitive switches and integrated touch control screens.

Research and Design Service

We have a fully skilled research, design and manufacturing unit specialising in bespoke panel building. Working closely with our clients we will carry out the entire electrical design including load analysis for your project. This will generate a detailed set of drawings, bills of materials, cable schedules and any custom system design that may be required. Our experienced team are used to working with leading production boat builders as well as on superyacht projects. They not only work to client specification but also develop unique and innovative electrical systems based on their knowledge of the developing market.

ES Helm Panels

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High Quality Manufacturing

Energy Solutions are highly regarded for their innovative panel design and high quality manufacturing. Each panel is built and hand finished in the UK, then tested and checked before dispatch.

Marine Specialists

Large vessels have complex alarm, monitoring and control requirements. PLC control allows these needs to be met in a flexible and upgradable way. With many year’s experience working with the leading marine manufacturers as well as one off super yacht projects the Energy Solutions team can deliver unique panels that address all your monitoring and control requirements.

Range of applications

Our team have a range of experience in marine applications, from luxury yachts to commercial vessels and work boats, and are able to work within the parameters of any given project. Working to strict quality and efficiency criteria the panel building team are able to deliver on time, to budget each time.

Monitoring and Control

We can design and build AC and DC electrical panels. This can involve generator sets in parallel (isochronous or droop), load management and monitoring. If required we can build remote monitoring and control panels or liaise with other suppliers.

Consistent Quality

High quality printed circuit boards replace manual wiring and ensure repeatable quality.

Proven Components

Proven sub-assemblies, such as this power supply board are utilised in many designs to reduce development time and increase reliability.

Flexible Options

Customer options can be accommodated through dip switches and variant specific componentry.