Containerised System

Custom hybrid power systems

Our containerised hybrid power system is an ideal solution for those needing deployable power, emergency power, back up power, power in remote locations, temporary sites or sites with no grid connection.

The system includes our proprietary control technology, highly efficient generator power and energy storage in lithium ion or Gel/AGM batteries with options for links to renewable power sources.

This stand alone hybrid system is being installed in situations from national parks to coastal power - with each system being semi-custom designed to suit each application. A perfect option for more challenging environments our containerised off grid systems offer a highly effective way to get power to the right places.

Watch our video (below) to see full details or contact us for further information.


Purchasing your Hybrid Power System

To discuss your Hybrid power requirements please call

01634 290772

or  email us.

A typical containerised system has the following specification:

  • 8kW - 45kW Single and Three Phase options available
  • Inverter charger with a continuous output meeting the system capacities above.
  • Diesel, water cooled, 1500 RPM (or 1800 RPM for 60 Hz applications) generator (single or three phase as appropriate) in sound enclosure with autostart control system.
  • Steel, bunded, diesel 'floor' tank with mechanical and system fuel gauges.
  • Recessed connection box for outgoing power, auxiliary connections and external controls and indications.
  • Lithium Ion battery pack or Lead acid deep cycle battery bank. (Lithium system offers superior energy performance due to low battery losses and also optimises fuel consumption and generator running hours as it can be charged fast to 100%)
  • Solar ready
  • DC and AC distribution boards
  • DC lighting inside container


Maximise renewables

Our proprietary control system maximises renewable use (if fitted), minimises fuel consumption and reduces generator running hours. All designed to keep cost per kWh of energy used as low as possible.



Deployable or fixed our containerised hybrid unit offer quick and simple installation as well as a secure, weatherproof area for client equipment.

ES Containerised Off Grid Video