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Ratio Electric

Ratio Electric develop and manufacture shore power systems that are stylish, innovative and safe.

Every product made, from rugged shore power cord sets and stainless steel inlets; to a wide range of accessories is designed to be practical and able to withstand the rigors of life at sea. Each product is engineered to worldwide specifications, including European listings for an extra margin of safety.


Shore Power Systems

The MP16 Shore Power System is designed to hook-up your boat quickly and easily. Based on the world standard for outdoor connections (the IEC 60309) this system offers a reliable and approved shore power connection. One of the main benefits for users is that the systems are pre-assembled and moulded – making them highly robust but simple to use and set up. Each set also features an LED power indicator and protection cap.



A range of inlets is available in plastic, chrome and stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant, easy locking inlet are all the same style and add a sleek finishing touch to every boat, and each comes with a waterproof cap.


Marinco Compatible Cord Sets 16A, 250V

This specific CE marked set is compatible with the Marinco inlet. It has a moulded 3 pin CEE plug and moulded Marinco compatible plug with LED power indicator, threaded locking ring and weatherproof protection cap. 


CEE Extension Cord Sets 16A 250V

Includes a moulded 3 pin (male) CEE plug and moulded (female) CEE connector with LED power indicator and weatherproof protection cap. CE marked.

Why pick a system with moulded plugs?

  • Reliable crimp contacts
  • Compact and tamperproof construction
  • Integrated bend and strain relief

Why pick a PUR (H07BQ-F) Cable:

  • Good resistance to oil and other chemicals
  • Extremely robust, tear and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for lying outdoors and resistant to UV radiation

​Ratio Electric stainless steel inlets & accessories


Ratio Electric Shore Cord Sets


Ratio Marinco Compatible Shore Cord Sets


Ratio PUR (H07BQ-F) Cable