Ratio Electric – EV Charging Solutions

Ratio Electric develops and produces electrical power connection and distribution systems, based in Holland they have over half a century of experience in meeting the market's continuing demand with innovation and quality. Working in the vehicle market they manufacture high-quality AC connection and charging systems for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

All of these products meet the UK and European standards.


Ratio Home Box

The Ratio EV Chargers are designed for easy installation in both indoor and outdoor car parking areas. They are capable of safely charging all electric vehicles available according to mode 3.

The Home Charger with integrated cable allows for easy struggle-free charging. Simply take the plug and connect directly to your car. This comes with coiled or straight cord options.

The Home Charger with outlet socket offers the most flexibility as it can be used with vehicles with either Type 1 and Type 2 inlets.

  • Power input: Single or 3 phase, 230-400 V AC, 16A and 32A
  • Power output: 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW, 22kW


Home Box Plus

The same unit as the Home Box, the Home Box Plus is also equipped with an integrated kWh meter. This allows for reading both the actual charging information and that of the last 5 charging sessions. The charging power settings can be configured using the display.


Tesla Charging Station

The Ratio EV Charging Stations are also available with a smart Tesla charge port opening button. When the button is pressed the charge port will open automatically. No need to use your car key or unlock at the centre console.

When charging is completed or in case you choose to interrupt charging, and the car key is nearby, you can just press the button again to release the connector from the charge port

EV Smart Box

Ratio have developed the Smart Box especially for the safe charging of electric vehicles at home or work. The box protects your home against overload while the car charges at maximum speed.

The EV Smart Box is equipped with the latest techniques such as load balancing and power sharing to ensure that the capacity of the power connection is handled intelligently.

Power Sharing

Power sharing allows up to four electric cars to be charged simultaneously on one power socket. The available power is distributed equally among the cars.

Charging at no extra cost

All smart functions can be configured via the display. No subscription with monthly fee is required. Due to the smart use of existing power connection, there’s no need to increase the rating of the existing grid connection at significant cost.

Insight into consumption

The Smart Box is equipped with an integrated KWh meter. This allows for reading both the actual charging information and that of the last 5 sessions.

EV Portable Chargers

Ratio’s portable chargers allow charging of vehicles from standard outlets with maximum safety.

The IEC 62752 standard prescribes that a charging cable must have an in-cable control and protection device when charging from a standard socket. This is integrated into the cable of the Ratio portable charger. If a problem is detected the system will shut itself down.

Simple prevention of overpower

The charging power can be lowered easily by pushing a button on the front of the mobile charger.

Automatic restore after shutdown due to power failures

The chargers have the facility to automatically restart the system when the mobile charger has been turned off due to a power supply failure.

Weather and shock proof charger housing



EV Charging Cables

A range of coiled and straight charging cables for your electric car. With plug and open ended.

The Basic Line Type 2 offers an affordable and fully certified solution for charging.

The Premium Line Type 2 are the high-quality solution for demanding everyday use. Fully moulded, they provide the ultimate protection against moisture and dirt, and ensure a watertight, tamperproof connection.

EV Rewirable Plug and Connectors

For custom projects there are rewirable plugs and connectors available.

The Type 1 connectors have crimped contacts and require special assembly tools. Type 2 plugs and connectors have screwed contacts and require no special assembly tools.

  • EV Charging Outlet and Inlet
  • Type 2 Outlet Socket
  • Locking Actuator
  • Actuator Connection Cable
  • Charging Inlets
  • Combined charging system
  • Adapter Cables
  • Plug Holder
  • Cable Holder