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Molabo – ISCAD V50 Electric Drive


Enjoy the untroubled nature and rapid acceleration of the world's most powerful 48 V drive in your electric boat. Thanks to the innovative stator cage technology, the ISCAD V50 by MOLABO is extremely robust and will always reliably take you to your destination. The extra-low voltage keeps your drive system absolutely safe in any situation, and it can be flexibly maintained by virtually everybody. The 50 kW drive is available both as a stand-alone and as a complete drive system.

The Advantages for Boat Owners and Boat Builders include:

Increased Efficiency


Easier Maintenance and Integration


The Technology

MOLABO's 48 Volt concept is different in many aspects from conventional electric drives. So far, all high-power electric drive systems need a very high battery voltage of up to 800 V, so they can develop the performance needed for electric vehicles. With our innovation ISCAD (Intelligent Stator CAge Drive) high performance can now be achieved for the first time at safe-to-touch voltages of 48 Volt.

The technology is based on a new design of the electric motor: instead of complicated windings, solid bars are used which form a kind of cage. This set up makes it possible to produce very large quantities of the motor in a simpler and cheaper way than with wound electric motors. Due to the stator cage design with the bars, ISCAD is also more robust and fail-safe than conventional electric drives, since operation is still possible even if one or more phases fail.

A low voltage system has many advantages, because contact is possible without risk. Contact with a high-voltage system, on the other hand, can be life-threatening if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. This also entails risks in the event of an accident, if rescue teams cannot approach the electric vehicle without risk. Low-voltage systems can be integrated and maintained without special high-voltage training. ISCAD thus stands for much simpler and more robust electric drives than the state of the art. This safe and easy to use technology enables large-scale electric mobility even in emerging markets with lower technical standards.


Why Choose a ISCAD V50 Electric Drive?


Both installation and maintenance are straightforward and simple as no high-voltage safety training is required. Low-voltage components such as cables are also much easier to install and cheaper than high-voltage equivalents.



With its 48 V design, ISCAD is very efficient as its low-voltage components have better utilisation of the energy provided by the battery.



Due to the unique motor design which uses a stator cage, ISCAD is much more robust than conventional electric drives. ISCAD is failsafe and always able to bring you back to your berth.



E-Boats are designed as light as possible in order to reduce energy consumption during operation and to maximize driving range. With a total weight of 45 kg including motor and controller, the drive is much lighter than comparable models in its performance class.



The 48 V technology is intrinsically safe and offers cost savings due to the elimination of high-voltage safety measures.



ISCAD combines motor and controller in a single unit. This compact solution can be easily integrated into boats, thereby reducing cabling effort and saving installation space.


Broad Range of Ancilliary Power Devices

By storing power at 48 volts you can use industry standard power electronics such as Victron Inverters, Chargers, Multi’s and Quattro’s. We can offer Lithium systems at 48 volt from MG Energy. 12 and 24 volt equipment can be operated directly from DC-DC converters. Yachts with higher domestic power requirements can have their AC power supplied by a 48 volt inverter and use a DC-DC charger to support a 24 volt ‘buffer’ battery for lighting, electronics, thrusters, winches and more.

ISCAD 50 FOR VARIOUS APPLICATIONS – Conversions to New Builds 

ISCAD V50 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Without a gearbox, the drive has 4350 rpm, similar to a combustion engine. When converting a boat from combustion to electric, the existing engine can easily be replaced by the ISCAD V50 without any major modifications. However, lower speeds can also be simply represented in combination with a gearbox. Including the gearbox, the drive measures only 231 mm in length and 254 mm in diameter, making it very compact.


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