Lithium Power Systems

posted on: Aug 24 2020 in Marine, Off grid, Vehicle

Powering onboard appliances, tools, media and amenities is a vital part of mobile work and leisure activities across many marine, vehicle and off-grid applications. The requirement to reduce emissions, increase power output from less space is key.

Whether we are looking at recreational or commercial applications, efficient and effective power solutions are a key element for builders, owners to increase available power with reduced or no generator runtime and lower emissions.


The advantages of lithium

Lithium battery systems provide a significant improvement on existing power technologies in a number of ways.

  • They allow more power from a smaller battery footprint, meaning more space onboard and longer periods of power use.
  • Lithium batteries offer much greater efficiency – the battery can be recharged to 90% in just one to three hours (depending on system components).
  • The batteries last almost twice as long as a gel battery, so they will not need to be replaced as quickly, increasing the cost efficiency of the system.


Lithium vs Gel Batteries

The numerous advantages of Lithium battery technology include:



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