WaterWorld - the electric drive

WaterWorld - quiet, clean, reliable and affordable


WaterWorld offers a series of inboard engine, suitable for motor and sailing boats up to 10 m. These engines are the modern alternative to the traditional diesel engine.

Energy Solutions are offering the WW 4.0 INBOARD for vessels up to 6 m in length or 3 tons, this is equivent to a 8 HP combustion engine or the larger WW 10.0 INBOARD for wessels up to 10 m in length or 7.5 tonness, this is equivent to a 20 HP combustion engine.

Waterworld – inboard electric motors

Benefits of Waterworld inboard electric motors:

  • Direct drive of propeller shaft with out transmission
  • Adjustible engine mounts
  • Self contained engine compartment
  • Control electronics in same unit
  • Air cooling, water cooling is unnecesary

Modern colour display

Using SIMARINE’s innovative PICO BLUE display unit which offers efficient technology to help you get the maximum distance from your batteries

How long can I sail?

If you want: all day long! But that is usually not necessary, because a day of boating consists of more than being at the helm. 

For more information about choosing a battery pack please contact  sales@energy-solutions.co.uk