WaterWorld - the electric drive

WaterWorld - quiet, clean, reliable and affordable


Energy Solutions are the exclusive UK distributor for WaterWorld's range of electric inboard motors. WaterWorld manufacture a range of 48 volt DC electric motors, designed to replace small diesel motors in boats up to 12 metres and larger canal craft. The electric engines are designed to be a direct replacement for a traditional diesel engine both in size and cost. Perfect for narrowboats, small coastal craft and inland waterway fleets that are looking to reduce both noise and emissions the motors offer an efficient and reliable electric alternative. Already well established in the Netherlands the motors are a proven and tested option for fleet operators and private owners.

Energy Solutions are offering the WW 4.0 INBOARD for vessels up to 6m in length or 3 tons, this is equivalent to a 8 HP combustion engine or the larger WW 10.0 INBOARD for vessels up to 12m in length or 7.5 tonness, this is equivalent to a 20 HP combustion engine.

Waterworld – inboard electric motors

Benefits of Waterworld inboard electric motors:

  • Direct drive of propeller shaft with out transmission
  • Adjustible engine mounts
  • Self contained engine compartment
  • Control electronics in same unit
  • Air cooling, water cooling is unnecesary

Modern colour display

Using SIMARINE’s innovative PICO BLUE display unit which offers efficient technology to help you get the maximum distance from your batteries

Quiet and Clean

The Waterworld motor drives your boat in total silence. It is a direct drive system with no gearbox. You can now enjoy the peace and quiet with clean air.


A complete electric drivetrain including Waterworld motor can be as cost effective as a diesel installation. This is achieved by state-of-the-art manufacturing, easy installation without water cooling, and the reduced maintenance requirement.


Proven Dutch technology and easy installation ensure that you can rely on your Waterworld drive train. 

Choosing the right engine?

Please be aware that every boat is different, a sleek and lightweight boat for example will be much more efficient than a bulky and heavy one. Also, the waters that you sail are important. Sheltered waters and short distances may warrant the use of a less powerful engine than one sailing great distances on open waters.

Please contact us for advice.


Electric Drive System Schematics

Here are three examples to show all the elements of different sized electric motor systems.


Waterworld - 4kW Pure Electric system (up to 6m - 3 tons)

Waterworld - 10kW Pure Electric system (up to 10m - 7.5 tons)

Waterworld - 10kW Series Hybrid System


Download the brochure

Waterworld brochure, specificationss and pricing.

Waterworld Brochure 2019