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Independent power systems for vehicles

With service, work and recreational vehicles using an increasing amount of tools, equipment and electrical devices onboard there is a growing demand from automotive builders and owners for power & monitoring systems that offer reliable yet sophisticated capabilities.

Energy Solutions provides a range of onboard power systems and services for vehicles that allow you to buy or develop the system that is right for your needs.

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Starting with our standard systems that can be bought as a complete kit - together with wiring diagrams and installation information; to bespoke system design and component supply allowing you the opportunity to develop a unique power system for specific projects, we have a solution for every automotive customer.

Our kits and systems incorporate the best of: 

  • Lithium batteries – offering optimum output with lower weight and footprint 
  • Solar energy integration – integration with renewables to enhance sustainability
  • Smart monitoring – monitoring and control from a pc or smart phone, onboard or remotely.


Our automotive team can provide

  • Experience in automotive system design 
  • Full back up as Victron’s No 1 UK distributor
  • Schematics, wiring diagram and technical support


Standard Systems 

Our range of Onboard Kits give a great option for those wanting to power tools or appliances onboard vans and recreational vehicles. Each kit comes supplied with all necessary connectors and cabling plus a full wiring diagram allowing easy installation. 

Perfect for working vans, where power tools need to be charged between jobs and on recreational vehicles where there is a requirement to charge amenities such as cooking appliances and media. Onboard power kits give true independence to your vehicle meaning you can travel between locations without the need to plug in when you arrive, making remote work, tight deadlines and off the grid travel a real and affordable option.





Bespoke Systems

On larger projects we offer a full engineering design and specification service to deliver the best end result for your project. From one vehicle to an entire fleet we can help you work within size and weight limitations, reduce your carbon footprint, deal with extreme temperatures, legislative requirements and much more. Our monitoring and control systems ensure that you also have a highly effective overview of your system both onboard and remotely.






Case Study: GBRacing ZERO-e Sustainable Support Vehicle

Energy Solutions were thrilled to see GBRacing launch their new ZERO-e sustainability project to coincide with World Environment Day, a United Nations Environment initiative that encourages individuals and businesses to learn, share and act on the ways in which we can all have a positive impact on the environment.

ES GBRacing - case study




Component Supply

As the leading distributor of Victron Energy power products we are able to offer a full supply and service option for their entire range.  Victron is well established in the automotive market well known as a reliable power supply and installed in many emergency, military, broadcasting and service vehicles where function needs to be flawless and autonomous. Speak to us for a full quotation.



In addition, we can supply many other leading brands





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