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We are the UK's leading supplier of off grid power systems supplying high quality hybrid power systems to residential and commercial customers across the UK and internationally for whom connection to the grid is not a viable option.

Our range of Off Grid Solutions includes EasyGrid – a plug and play hybrid solution for homes and businesses looking for a straightforward, affordable way to generate their own power; VariPower – a variable speed generator hybrid power system, and Containerised systems – robust, semi bespoke systems ideal for isolated projects.

We work with off grid power for a variety of sectors including Residential, Farming, Construction, Commercial, Leisure, Glamping, Broadcast, Monitoring, Humanitarian Aid, Utilities and Telecoms.

Our customers use off grid power solutions for many reasons including:

Location makes a grid connection too expensive or not possible.

A need for uninterrupted power - protection from power cuts and the ability to power independently in all conditions.

Reduction in energy bills and the ability to maximise the use of renewable energies.

Eco friendly - using green alternatives alongside traditional options.

Adaptable and expandable power to accommodate changing uses.

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EasyGrid – hybrid off grid power unit

Our EasyGrid range brings off grid power solutions to homes and businesses without a mains grid connection at a reasonable cost. Rather than having to source separate components and have a bespoke system designed, our EasyGrid series offers a pre-configured, self-contained unit built from durable, high quality components; fully tested and ready to install. The EasyGrid enclosures are made from powder coated steel; allowing them to be installed either inside or outside depending on requirements. Suitable for installation worldwide the EasyGrid range addresses off grid power needs and can be installed by a competent local electrician.


How does it work?

Our EasyGrid units connect to your solar array, they also have a connection for a generator. The EasyGrid supply utilises energy from the solar array to charge the batteries, where energy will be stored until needed. The array then tops up the batteries as the power is used. The system can also support additional loads to those listed when connected to a generator. In addition, if a generator is connected and the batteries are depleted and no solar power is available, the system will send a start signal to the generator to provide power and charge the batteries.

Available in three sizes, EasyGrid 3000Li, EasyGrid 5000Li & EasyGrid 10000Li.



EasyGrid Commercial 30kVA & 45kVA

EasyGrid 30kVA & 45kVA Hybrid Power Units featuring HEMS (Hybrid Energy Management System). Our EasyGrid commercial range offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to using a diesel generator alone on site. They help you deliver cost savings, reduce emissions and run silent power to loads when needed, all with the option of one of the most sophisticated telematics energy management systems available.




Containerised System – semi bespoke hybrid power

Many remote sites have no ready access to the grid. Our containerised systems can supply all the power required to provide reliable power at a low cost. With our Containerised systems we offer a semi-bespoke design service to ensure that each site gets the exact off grid power solution it requires.

Across all markets companies are looking to reduce their operating costs to remain competitive, by installing efficient off grid systems companies can lower their fuel bills, enjoy lower capital start up costs, and purchase power that is mobile, adaptable and expandable.



Renewable energy as part of an off grid system also helps business address many of the environmental policies they have in place.

The use of our proprietary control system maximises the efficiency of the whole system monitoring battery capacity, state of charge, battery current, solar and wind generation. It will automatically calculate when and if to run the generator, either to boost the power during peak demands, or to top up the charge in the batteries. This also means that there will be silent power for significant periods of the day.

VariPower - Variable Speed Hybrid Generator

VariPower is a variable speed generator combined with a highly efficient lithium battery bank. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK. The unit provides transportable, instant power for temporary, back-up and off grid situations in any environment.

Unlike traditional generators which only run at one speed whatever the load demands, the variable speed generator combines the latest control technology and PMG alternator and will run at the most efficient RPM (between 900 – 2000) dependent on the energy requirement; providing just enough power for the load and to charge/top up the batteries without any waste.



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