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Hybrid Power Systems for Telecoms & Utilities

Mobile phone telecom masts are increasingly being constructed in more remote areas which do not always have ready access to the grid or the grid is maybe unstable. Our hybrid power systems can supply all the power required to provide a reliable service at a low cost, they also have the benefit of reducing the reliance on fossil fuels which can help companies meet their environmental and sustainability commitments.

Our systems are designed to provide the power directly at 48V DC for telecom equipment alongside traditional 220/110V for ancillary uses.

Utility companies have similar issues with many of their remote sites with some isolated areas not having a ready access to the grid. Our range of systems can supply all the power required to provide reliable power at low cost helping to reduce operating costs and meet environmental and sustainability targets. Our systems are designed to provide the power directly at 24V or 48V DC for control equipment alongside traditional 220/110v for ancillary uses.

Driving up efficiency, driving down emissions

Energy Solutions provide a range of hybrid power solutions designed to drive up efficiency and drive down emissions.


SiteGrid – hybrid power system

SiteGrid, our three phase hybrid power system offers a convenient and efficient method of delivering power to any construction environment without a grid connection. Whether a site needs power for lighting, a welfare cabin or equipment SiteGrid will deliver power far more efficiently than a generator alone.

SiteGrid utilises generator power, and renewables if available, to store power in a sophisticated battery bank with a dedicated monitoring & control system, delivering silent power from the battery when needed. The generator will only be started when loads demand more power or, to top up the battery. Significantly reducing emissions, the size of generator required and fuel costs.

In addition, for intelligent power management, SiteGrid has an optional Energy Management Unit (EMU) which allows six separate loads to be fed independently and programmed with their own unique schedules.




  • Silent Power – Battery storage delivers silent power
  • Fuel Saving – Save fuel by running generator less
  • Remote Monitoring – Full control and monitoring of your hybrid system
  • Lower Emissions – Less generator run time reduces emissions
  • Installation – Simple installation and configuration

SiteGrid System


Purchasing your SiteGrid

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VariPower - Variable Speed Hybrid Generator

VariPower is a variable speed generator combined with a highly efficient lithium battery bank. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK. The unit provides transportable, instant power for temporary, back-up and off grid situations in any environment.

Unlike traditional generators which only run at one speed whatever the load demands, the variable speed generator combines the latest control technology and PMG alternator and will run at the most efficient RPM (between 900 – 2000) dependent on the energy requirement; providing just enough power for the load and to charge/top up the batteries without any waste.



Purchasing VariPower

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Containerised Hybrid Power System

A containerised hybrid system is ideal for those needing a large power supply. These systems are semi- bespoke and can be tailored with the following options:

  • 30kVA – 90kVA Single and Three Phase options available
  • Inverter charger with a continuous output meeting the system capacities above.
  • Diesel, water cooled, 1500 RPM (or 1800 RPM for 60 Hz applications) generator (single or three phase as appropriate) in sound enclosure with autostart control system.
  • Bunded diesel tank with mechanical and system fuel gauges.
  • Recessed connection box for outgoing power, auxiliary connections and external controls and indications.
  • Lithium Ion battery pack or Lead acid deep cycle battery bank. (Lithium system offers superior energy performance due to low battery losses and also optimises fuel consumption and generator running hours as it can be charged fast to 100%)
  • Solar ready
  • DC and AC distribution boards
  • DC lighting inside container
  • Proprietary control system (internet connection required)



Purchasing your Hybrid Power System

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Hybrid Power Improving Air Quality

An increasing concern in built up areas and construction sites are the particulate and NOx emissions from diesel generators. Our hybrid power units reduce the run time of generators substantially – therefore cutting down these emissions. Whilst a hybrid system does not stop generator use completely, they make a significant difference to the local air quality, which is a benefit for both onsite staff welfare and local residents.

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