SmartPlug – The unique marine shore power connection system

The SmartPlug is a revolutionary shore power system designed to provide greater protection against loose connections and corrosion – the leading causes of shore power failure and fires.

The marine range includes inlets, couplers and shorepower cord sets. The shorepower inlets are available in both stainless steel and non-metallic finishes, 30A and 50A; with matching shorepower cord sets up to 15m.

For those wishing to change an existing shorepower set to the SmartPlug system there are also 30A and 50A couplers available with straightforward video instructions (see below) on how to change them.

What makes SmartPlug different to traditional shore power connector?

  • 20x more electrical contact than the old twist type connector
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Solid sleeve connection
  • Triple weatherproof seals


Shore power delivery systems have remained virtually unchanged since they first came out in 1938 

Legacy design not designed for today's electrical loads

Contrary to popular belief, the #1 cause of shore power failure and fires is not electrical shorting, but rather overheating caused by poor electrical conductivity.

The problem with the original system:

The shape of electrical pins allows for very little contact area, and the pins themselves are also largely responsible for bearing any physical stress placed on the cord (from constant movement of the boat, someone tripping on the cord, etc.). This results in the pins working loose, further lessening the precious little contact area they had to begin with.

Furthermore, such loose connections allow for moisture intrusion and ultimately corrosion of the pins. Arcing occurs and the connection heats up, scorches, and in some cases, catches fire. Because the current draw is unchanged, all of this happens long before a breaker or a GFCI can cut the power. Additionally, the old design can be very difficult to use in low light or hard-to-reach scenarios since the "L'.' shaped pin must first be located and then oriented before connection. 

The problem – not enough metal contact

LEGACY L5-30 I 30A Twist-type Pin & Cl/p


The Solution – SmartPlug has over 20 times more metal contact

Safer – more metal contact eliminates overheating

Safe, Simple and secure.

No twisting! Self cleaning push-in design.

30 Amp plug features


LED Power Indicator

Two blue LEDs illuminate to indicate an active power source.


Locking feature

Dual locking side levers snap into sides of inlet housing.


Connector body shape

Sleeve design fits snugly within inlet, removing all tension from pins & clips.



Face gasket seals against inlet sleeve to eliminate dirt & moisture exposure on electrical pins.

30 Amp inlet features



Face gasket seals.


Locking feature

Inlet cover snaps onto back of connector.


Easy installation

Industry standard hole pattern fits your existing inlet hole pattern.


Electrical pins

Straight pins with 20x surface area. No twisting required!


Ease of use

Unique plug body shape only goes in the right way! Easy to orient with no misalignment - even in the dark! Pushes straight in & locks automatically.


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