E-Plex - the next-generation multiplexing technology

What is E-Plex?

The integration of all electronic systems into a common shell with the ability to distribute the information simultaneously to strategically located control / monitoring stations is becoming the standard rather than the exception.

E-Plex is the next-generation multiplexing technology for complex vehicles, marine and industrial equipment.

The E-Plex product line is comprised of intuitive user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules, sensors and software. These components electronically connect engines, generators, lighting, HVAC, audio/video and other equipment. The result is a seamless monitoring and control solution with dramatically increased system functionality.

Powered by a patented multiplexing technology that allows power and data to be transported over a simple, two-wire bus, E-Plex offers scalable, flexible solutions at competitive costs.

With distinct advantages in hardware, software and user interfaces, E-Plex enables simple and cost-effective system integration. E-Plex offers a Total System Solution that can be brought to market very quickly offering unmatched value in the multiplexing marketplace.


E-Plex has an open architecture that easily integrates with all forms of equipment and other electronic protocols. With the E-Plex building blocks, designers have the flexibility to create a system with features, functionality and even graphics that are truly unique. E-Plex provides a blank slate that customers can use to create differentiated products consistent with their larger product line or brand strategies.


E-Plex can perform as a simple, stand-alone tank monitoring system or as a fully integrated control system for a megayacht. E-Plex hardware and software has been specifically designed to allow scalability and growth. Many customers deploy E-Plex initially in an extremely simple configuration and then expand it over time either in the field or during model year changes. With E-Plex you can literally "grow as you go".

​Simplicity of Design & Installation

Simplicity of Design & Installation – Via E-Logic, a new system can be designed, documented and brought to market very quickly.

With just two wires, E-Plex provides all the benefits associated with multiplexing with less cost, complexity and weight.

High Quality Manufacturing

Energy Solutions are highly regarded for their innovative panel design and high quality manufacturing. Each panel is built and hand finished in the UK, then tested and checked before dispatch.

Diagnostics, Error Detection & Troubleshooting

The E-Plex architecture is robust and does not require costly shielding or termination resistors. The E-Plex "Clock" module includes error detection protocols, troubleshooting features and redundant programming allowing for "plug & play" field replacement or upgrades.

iPad integration

The 801 IPLEX module brings all the functionality and sophistication of E-Plex directly to your customer's iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The module works in conjunction with the iViewer App giving users a bi-directional touch screen interface for all their E-Plex monitoring and control. The 801 IPLEX module is a complete package with a Wi-Fi access point for up to 5 units, and a USB point to charge the main iPad.


E-Plex system example

E-Plex technology has been integrated into the Lagoon 560 since inception. Each of the luxury catermerans has the multiplexing technology onboard with two panels; one comprising a touch screen interface that integrates with modules throughout the vessel. The multiplexing modules control and monitor the AC circuits on board including the generator, AC Changeover, AC Distribution. The system also controls the DC power including selected lighting, fridges & pumps.

E-Plex technology allows CNB to install sophisticated monitoring and control systems within their build program quickly and easily. Their highly sophisticated assembly line builds much of the boats in modular units. Each unit can be constructed with their own monitoring modules so that at the final stage all modules can be easily connected.


What Systems can E-plex integrate with?

In a typical application, E-Plex can control & monitor systems including:

  • Tank levels
  • Engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Security and multimedia
  • Gensets
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • GPS
  • User-defined lighting
  • iPad

E-Plex: 218VBM – Victron Battery Monitor Interface