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ES Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers provide galvanic isolation of the input supply from the output. This allows the creation of an electrical system that is independent from the supply. This has applications where power needs to be taken from a building to a vehicle, for example, outside broadcast vehicles, horseboxes, electric vehicle charging points etc.

Isolation transformers are also used to suppress the electrical noise that can occur on the AC supply, this can impact the operation of sensitive electronic equipment (applications such as sound studios, laboratories etc.)

Isolation Transformers

We supply a range of isolation transformers, both our own branded range and from Victron. Available for single and three phase.

Isolation Transformers

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Marine Isolation Transformers

Marine hull isolation transformers are the only way to completely eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion between the ships hull and other metal objects (other ships, pilings etc.).

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