Energy Solutions Delivers 28th Panel Set for RNLI Shannon Class

posted on: Aug 30 2018 in Marine

Photo: RNLI Nigel Millard


The Shannon class is the RNLI’s most agile and manoeuvrable lifeboat to date. An all-weather lifeboat, the boat uses waterjets instead of traditional propellers to allow them to operate in shallow waters and navigate around hazards more precisely. The Shannon is gradually replacing the Mersey and Tyne class lifeboats which are now nearing the end of their operational lives.

Designed entirely in-house by a team of RNLI engineers the Shannon class incorporates the latest cutting edge technology to meet the challenges faced by a 21stcentury rescue service.  Energy Solutions have been involved since 2013 and have supplied AC and DC panels for 28  Shannon class lifeboats so far, as well as a range of small power units.  As you would expect in a new and innovative build, the engineering team at Energy have worked on minor changes and improvements on the panels over the last five years to ensure the units simplify the operation, construction and maintenance of the power and control system onboard. This will continue as the RNLI roll out more vessels around the country.

Engineering Manager at Energy Solutions, Dan Cox explains: “The panels for the Shannon class are challenging builds, with a lot of equipment packed into a small enclosure. We have made changes over time to improve the build and serviceability, as well as dealing with external changes to components. Working closely with the RNLI  to make sure we execute their designs in the best possible way, this has been a great project to be a part of. “

Energy Solutions offer a full electrical system design, manufacture and supply service to the marine industry and has worked on numerous projects with the RNLI delivering power and monitoring products to fit their engineering team’s specifications.


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VariPower Marine

posted on: Nov 15 2016 in Marine

VariPower Marine
Variable Speed DC Generator

Launching this morning at METS Trade is our unique new variable speed DC generator - VariPower Marine - designed as a key element of our Variable Speed Hybrid Power System.

A variable speed DC marine generator; VariPower Marine operates between 900 and 2000 rpm dependant on loads. The unit intelligently adjusts it's speed in-line with demand; therefore reducing running costs, emissions & noise.

The unit is substantially smaller than a traditional generator of the same power capacity therefore reducing space used on board a vessel. VariPower Marine will be available Q2 2017 with an optional sound enclosure.

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Opportunity for Boat Builders to view the benefits of effective Hybrid Power

posted on: Oct 23 2015 in Marine

Energy Solutions now offer a unique testing facility for boat builders where they can take data logged from boats in the field and then replicate the loads through a programmable loadbank. The loadbank will apply steps in 100 watt steps from 0 to 300 kW in a repeatable way so that fuel use and running hours can be trialled with different system components to achieve the blend of power sources and silent running times that you are looking for. The testing facility has advanced fuel flow monitoring as well as the programmable loadbank and 30 kW of DC to AC conversion equipment – ensuring complete and thorough testing.

Energy Solutions are already working with UK clients to mimic real life information and demonstrate to end customers the potential benefits of various stages of Hybrid set-up. This consultancy and testing facility is unique and provides a significant extra dimension to the product distribution and system design capabilities that customers know them for.

Energy Solutions MD Paul Holland explains: "We have developed the testing facility in response to a sharp increase in interest in Hybrid power solutions. Of course boat electrical systems have always had an element of Hybrid about them. - a mixture of shore-power, generator power and battery stored power is a traditional set-up on board most larger pleasure boats, as well as small commercial craft. The real change is the appetite of customers to really integrate these systems to achieve notable fuel savings, lower generator running hours and, as a by-product of these, lower emissions."

Demonstrating the facility Paul puts forward an example to illustrate the benefits: "A good example of this is to look at a modern 10 Kw marine generator - it will peak in its overall efficiency towards full load. Even at this peak the useful electricity produced is only 24% of the energy in the fuel! Run the generator at 30% load and the efficiency drops to 15%. This is an increase in emissions per kWh of electricity of 60%. So by using high output DC-AC inverter / chargers, such as the 8 Kw Victron Quattro, boat builders can run generators for shorter periods at high load (at highest efficiency) and deliver substantial amounts of power from the batteries at other times."

It is all the same ingredients that customers are familiar with – but selected to work elegantly together to achieve maximum performance for minimum fuel.
Those interested in viewing the facility can connect Energy Solutions on 01634 290772 or


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