NEW Victron Phoenix Smart Inverters

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in Marine, Vehicle

Perfect for Smaller Power Projects

This new range of smart inverters from Victron are powerful enough to supply most common plug-in appliances in your car, boat, caravan or home; making them perfect for smaller projects looking for a reliable, easy installation.


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Six Hybrid Options - Which is Right for Your Application?

posted on: Feb 05 2020 in Hybrid, Off grid


Our hybrid power solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications, from construction, farming, rail and telecoms to humanitarian aid, emergency back up, monitoring and defence. Giving users 24/7 power but with significantly lower emissions & operating costs than running a diesel generator alone.


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20 Years Sales Success Built on Expertise & Integration

posted on: Jan 30 2020 in Marine, Hybrid, Off grid

20 Years of Victron Sales Success

2020 sees the 20th anniversary of Energy Solutions distributing Victron Energy products in the UK, a business partnership that has grown year on year.

From the early days of selling power, monitoring and control products and services to marine customers, Energy Solutions has evolved to become a system designer, manufacturer and distributor for the marine, vehicle and off grid markets; with Victron products forming an integral and integrated part of many of those systems.


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5 Reasons to Choose EasyGrid for your Off Grid Power

posted on: Jan 08 2020 in Hybrid, Off grid

When you start looking at power options for off grid sites it can be a daunting task. Our EasyGrid range addresses the requirements of most unconnected environments and the range of power capacities have made it the UK's leading solution for small homes through to development sites.


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