Hybrid Power Upgrade Brings Benefit

posted on: Jun 01 2020 in Case Studies, Hybrid, Off grid


EasyGrid 5000Li Off Grid Power System - Case Study

New, Upgraded Hybrid System for Rural Equestrian Centre Brings Greater Power and Some Breakfast Benefits

NJB Electrical installed and commissioned this new, upgraded hybrid system for an existing customer who had previously bought a smaller component system from Energy Solutions. Overtime, the system became too small for the loads they were running at their small holding, equestrian centre in Oxford and they came back to the team for a system review and update.


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Off Grid Power Solutions for Busy Farms

posted on: May 27 2020 in Hybrid


Off Grid Systems to Power Demand & Growth

Power for remote buildings, ancillary facilities and new business ventures is a necessity for many farms. In busy times the need to expand to meet supply, or diversify to use resources more efficiently is an important is key to a successful business.


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Independent Solar Pod

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in Hybrid


The Perfect Power Unit for Small Off Grid Applications

Our latest off grid power solution delivers a standalone, sustainable power solution to locations without a grid connection requiring a constant, low power supply. 

Independent Solar Pod utilises stored solar energy to power loads as and when needed. With a built in monitoring system allowing 24/7 connection it makes the units ideal for remote, unmanned environments such as CCTV sites, air quality monitoring and WiFi extenders.


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Six Hybrid Options - Which is Right for Your Application?

posted on: Feb 05 2020 in Hybrid, Off grid


Our hybrid power solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications, from construction, farming, rail and telecoms to humanitarian aid, emergency back up, monitoring and defence. Giving users 24/7 power but with significantly lower emissions & operating costs than running a diesel generator alone.


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