Marine IsoBoost Range Expanded

posted on: Aug 19 2020 in Marine


Expanded Marine IsoBoost Range Brings Greater Flexibility to Boat Builders

Sales of our Marine Iso-Boost transformers have continued to grow, meeting demand from boatbuilders worldwide building for clients wishing to cruise between Europe, US and the Caribbean.

The units provide everything you would expect from an isolation transformer, plus the boost feature compensates for any variations in dockside voltage. For refurbishment works the units have the added advantage of being an exact fit and form replacement for Charles Industries™ Isoboost transformers.

Now the range has the added flexibility of being about to combine more than one transformer and provide simple, automatic AC source selection.


IsoBoost Combiner

The Energy Solutions shore power combiner allows two shore cords to be combined provided they are supplied via appropriate Energy Solutions IsoBoost or isolation transformers.



AC System Controller

The Energy Solutions AC System Controller Changeover (ACCO) are designed to provide a simple, reliable and automatic AC source selection and suit a wide variety of power supply configurations


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Marine IsoBoost Transformers - System Brochure

Perfect for new builds and retrofits the range offers both standard and bespoke options that can be used worldwide.

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