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Sizing generators for large sailing and motor yachts is a difficult job. Large variations in on board power requirements between different seasons, different times of day, and periods with and without guests make for substantial power requirement swings.

Often, despite the very best engineering practice, the yacht will be operating the generators lightly loaded. To address this problem the Energy Solutions have developed the ES LoadBank to be used with generators that are running lightly loaded. The 2015 model, ES LoadBank v4, combines heater tank, switch gear and expansion tank all in the same enclosure, reducing the footprint required to install the LoadBank. The PLC has also been upgraded which allows direct interfacing with a ship's system for control and monitoring. There is also a remote touchscreen control and monitoring panel, both options give flexibility for new builds and retrofits.


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There are three operating modes:

Fixed Loadbank – maintains load at a fixed minimum at all times

Fuel saver mode – maintains generator at a target load for a certain proportion of any time period

Exhaust temperature mode – maintains exhaust gas temperature at target level for a certain proportion of any time period

Maximising generator life

In order to get the maximum life expectancy from a generator it should run at sufficient load to ensure clean running. When a generator runs under capacity it's working life is cut short and the generator runs with soot emissions. The ES LoadBank is an advanced generator loading system that ensures that a sufficient base load is applied to the generator at all times. It uses electrical heaters as a load and this heat is released via heat exchangers.

User programmable

The ES LoadBank can be user programmed with generator size and target load. This allows the LoadBank to apply the correct amount of load, per phase, to achieve your target loading.

The LoadBank will work with any brand of generator. Larger requirements can be met by specifying multiple LoadBanks which, via software settings, will work as a master and slave(s) arrangement.

LoadBank Case Study

Already over 20 superyacht generators are running with ES LoadBanks and in Q4 2014 two more superyachts were fitted with units. The first of these was MY Blush and her Chief Engineer, Mark Cryer explains how the LoadBank has proved essential:

"Having now sailed with the product, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It couldn’t be easier to use. It’s just a matter of selecting whether you want it on, or not, and all the rest is automatic. It works to keep your generator in a healthy load range at all times.”


ES LoadBank Case Study





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ES LoadBank – Optimising Power for SuperYachts


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