V&A’s ‘India’ Concierge Stations

posted on: Jan 05 2016 in Case Studies

Victron Lithium battery system powers the V&A's ‘India’ Concierge Stations

If you have visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently you may have seen their new Concierge Stations, offering hot chocolate and Indian-inspired snacks to visitors.

The stations were designed as mobile units that can be moved as and where required; providing unique hot refreshments without the need to connect directly to the mains. Energy Solutions got involved in the project when the fabricator of the units, Random Products in Brighton, called on their electrical system design skills to help them specify and supply the electrical components to power the hot drink and food warmer.

There are three concierge stations at present being used at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London


The Lithium battery pack operates the food & drink warming facilities within each unit


The technical sales team at Energy liaised with Random to establish the exact needs of the units. The final specification and system design featured a Victron 24V Lithium 200AH battery pack, Victron Phoenix 24V 25amp battery charger, ancillary equipment including fuses and a BMV 700 battery monitor.

Already a great success it is hoped more units will be in production next year.

If you have an unusual project that requires a specific electrical solutions please contact the Energy Solutions Technical Sales Team on 01634 290772.

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