Livestock Farm Oxfordshire - Off Grid

posted on: Apr 30 2013 in Case Studies, Off grid

For some businesses the best option for new operations are remote locations. This proved to be the case for a client based in Oxfordshire that wanted to start breeding game birds on their farmland.

A barn was purpose built for the new operation but being in the middle of field connecting to the grid was not an option. Off grid power was seen to be the most efficient way to supply the heat and light required for the breeding and housing of the birds throughout the year. 

Space was of a premium within the barn so the off grid system needed to be kept external to the building. Solar panels were installed by a local supplier and Energy Solutions designed a complete storage, monitoring and control system housed within a dedicated container.


  • 3x MultiPlus 48/3000/35
  • 820Ah Batteries at 48V
  • 5.85Kwp Solar Panel array
  • Solar Inverter
  • ES DC Link Box
  • BMV600 Battery Monitor

"A comprehensive system with capacity for business expansion." Paul Holland, Energy Solutions


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