Energy Solutions - Marine

Energy Solutions - Marine

Marine is Energy Solutions' longest established market area , since 1996 we have been working with leading OEM boatbuilders, superyacht owners, boat yards and individual sailing and motor yachts. As well as helping clients find power and control systems that fit their requirements we continually strive to introduce new, innovative products to our customers. We research, design and manufacture in house and provide new ways for our clients to attract customers and set themselves apart in terms of look, efficiency and technology. Working with products from the world's leading manufacturers we are able to offer clients fully designed systems incorporating all elements form helm panels to tank senders.

Complete Marine Electrical Systems


We will carry out the entire electrical design including load analysis for your project. This will generate a detailed set of drawings, bills of materials, cable schedules and any custom system design that may be required.

We design and build AC and DC electrical panels. This can involve generator sets in parallel (isochronous or droop), load management and monitoring. If required we can build remote monitoring and control panels. 

We provide PLC Programming for alarms and other systems. Large systems have complex alarm, monitoring and control requirements, PLC control allows these needs to be met in a flexible and upgradable way.



Marine Helm Panels

We offer a range of electrical design and build services to the yacht industry. Our bespoke panel building capabilities allow us to build to your exact requirements.



Blue Sea 360 Panel System

The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules, allowing multiple functions to be combined in a single panel.

This innovative design offers a wide choice of panel features, can accommodate future changes and permits rapid assembly. With options ranging from battery management to source selection, the 360 Panel System provides unmatched design flexibility.


What is E-Plex?

The integration of all electronic systems into a common shell with the ability to distribute the information simultaneously to strategically located control / monitoring stations is becoming the standard rather than the exception.

E-Plex is the next-generation multiplexing technology for complex vehicles, marine and industrial equipment.


ES LoadBank

Our ES LoadBanks combine a heater tank, switch gear and expansion tank all in the same enclosure, reducing the footprint required to install the LoadBank. The PLC allows direct interfacing with a ship's system for control and monitoring. There is also a remote touchscreen control and monitoring panel, both options give flexibility for new builds and retrofits.



Generators and Air Conditioning

Energy Solutions are the UK distributor for Northern Lights generators and Technicold air conditioning. The NL brand delivers an award winning level of reliability, durability and simplicity – which matches the demands of both leisure and commercial boat builders and owners.




Variable Speed Hybrid Power System

By using the combination of our VariPower Marine variable speed DC generator with our Lithium Ion 24v battery pack and an inverter we can help you deliver on board power in the most efficient way currently possible.



Marine Isolation Tranformers

Our marine single phase isolation transformers come in a range of standard capacities and feature voltage conversion models, dedicated output as well as ABYC & Lloyds compliance.

Standard Models: 10, 16, 32, 50, 63 & 100 amp shore capacities at 230V



Shore Power Systems

We also manufacture Dual Shore Cord Isolation Transformers and supply ASEA Frequency Converters.

We supply marine cord and shore power sets, the Ratio range is hugely popular with boat builders and owners worldwide. The range is one of the few systems built to the new exacting ISO60309-2 standards and delivers the most watertight, rugged and reliable shore power systems on the market.



We supply a range of batteries from leading manufacturers. Lithium Ion, Gel and Lead Acid in all sizes and capacities are available for order. We work with clients to ensure that the right batteries are selected for the project and budget available.

Power Electronics

We stock the entire range of Victron products and offer full technical advice and support, pre and post sale. Victron Energy products include sinewave inverters, batteries, sinewave inverters/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors and more.



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Marine Hybrid Power & Electrical Systems

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