Numarine 26 XP – Complete Electrical System with Multiplexing Control and Hybrid Power Innovation

posted on: Nov 01 2018 in Case Studies, Marine

E-Plex and Hybrid Power Case Study

Energy Solutions have been involved from the beginning with both the 32 XP and 26 XP in the new Explorer series from Numarine. The team have been working closely with Numarine on the design and functionality of the electrical systems and interfaces, including a new lithium based hybrid power system. 


E-Plex Screens for helm and iPad


For the 26 XP Energy Solutions designed an innovative hybrid power system with lithium energy storage, available as a customer option. It includes over 40kWh of Victron lithium batteries, in conjunction with 32kVA of inverter capacity, and over 20kW of battery charging capability. It allows extended silent running of AC power systems on board. As an example, while the boat is in transit, the batteries are charged from engine alternators or onboard generators. When the boat reaches a remote site, the engines and generators are shut down. The owner and guests can then enjoy the boat and surroundings in complete silence, while maintaining air conditioning in cabins, power to the galley for food, and also power to laundry facilities for the crew. The whole system is integrated into the E-Plex displays, allowing monitoring of power flow through the system, and stored energy onboard.



The E-Plex multiplexing system, the central monitoring and control element of the electrical design by Energy Solutions, gives Numarine the flexibility to tailor each system to the final end user’s specification and requirements.  It allows Numarine to build in all the functionality they require and easily add new modules and adjust the design to completely fit the owner’s requirements.



The system has a screen in the helm and also an iPad interface, allowing boat owners to monitor and control the system from anywhere on the boat. Functions that are controlled through the E-Plex system include generators, AC Supply monitoring, battery monitoring, water/fuel tank monitoring, water pump controls and bilge pump monitoring as well as all lighting.

Programming of the systems are done by Energy Solutions engineering team who work closely with Numarine on a wide range of their boats with interfaces, electrical system design and commissioning. Energy offer the full design, programming and servicing of the E-Plex system.



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