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At Energy Solutions we design, manufacture & supply power, monitoring and control systems for the marine, specialist vehicle, off grid and industrial markets. In fact anywhere where you can not “plug-in” to a traditional grid we can deliver a power system to meet your needs.

Hybrid power solutions are integral to many of our systems – the ability to drive up efficiency and bring down emissions is vital to customers and increasingly these solutions allow the integration of renewable energy alongside the storage capabilities of new generation batteries. Whether it be a boat, a coach, a home or a construction site energy efficiency and sophisticated control are key.

So whether you are interested in our product range or are looking for a bespoke solution we can help. All systems are delivered by our in-house teams, from initial briefing to final commissioning and on-going technical support. Our experience has made us a one-stop solution for customers – giving you a partner to rely on and come back to time and time again.



Our EasyGrid range brings off grid power solutions to homes and businesses without a mains grid connection, at a reasonable cost. Rather than having to source separate components and have a bespoke system designed, our EasyGrid series offers a pre-configured, self-contained unit built from durable, high quality components; fully tested and ready to install.




VariPower is a variable speed generator combined with a highly efficient battery bank. Developed, designed and built in the UK, the range includes the VariPower 10 and 20. Both provide transportable, instant power for temporary, back-up and off grid situations in any environment.



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Off Grid Training & Information Day

posted on: Jan 12 2017 in Off grid, Events

Location: Rochester, Kent,   Date: Thursday 23rd March 2017,   Time: 10am - 3pm


A one day training course at our Rochester Head Office showing you how to make Off Grid power an accessible option for your project; including how to size an off-grid system that will work now and in the future on your project, how to install and maintain an off grid system to maximise it’s lifespan.

Perfect for people considering an off grid power system, those with one already and those in the business already working with renewables and power storage.

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