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posted on: Sep 14 2021 in Marine


Lloyd’s Register Report – It’s Time: How to Make Shipping’s Decade of Action a Reality

It’s time for the maritime industry to deliver decarbonisation. The pace of change needs to accelerate now.  Our industry is no longer asking ‘if’ or ‘when’ decarbonisation should take place. We know we must act now and many of us are.

The question that remains is ‘how’ will the maritime industry deliver meaningful change during this crucial decade of action. In starting any journey, a focus on the destination is vital. By 2030, zero-carbon vessels capable of crossing oceans need to be the right environmental choice and, crucially, the right commercial choice as well. This will be the spark for a rapid decarbonisation of our industry, setting us on a course for the 2050 goal of all deep-sea vessels running on zero-carbon emitting energy sources, supplied by net-zero supply chains.

This report brings together experts from the public and private sector across global supply chains, along with a broad range of stakeholders, to give their views on what the global maritime industry needs to do to make this decade of change a reality. We sincerely hope it builds collaboration and understanding and becomes a place to convene continuing conversations. The challenge is immense, but the commitment is real.  Every organisation involved in this report has demonstrated enormous willingness to be involved.

Time and again, the report’s researchers heard the sentiment that everyone must play their part, with a belief in shared responsibility. There is real determination to make the decade of action a reality, and I thank every organisation involved for taking  part in this report. The prize is a safe, sustainable transition to a zero-carbon future. This report explains how our industry will achieve it, together.

Nick Brown, 

Chief Executive Officer,

Lloyd’s Register Group




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