Join Us at the Horse of the Year Show

posted on: Oct 01 2021 in Exhibitions


E-Plex Design Solutions are looking forward to catching up with clients in just one week’s time at The  Horse of the Year Show,  at the NEC 6th -10th October.

E-Plex Design Solutions is owned by Julian Potter who has many years experience working with E-Plex designing and implementing innovative monitoring and control solutions. Over the last 6 months he has specifically been focusing on the horsebox market - spending time with some of the countries largest horse box builders and customers to understand their wants and needs from the systems.

Understanding how some of these vehicles are used week in week out has culminated in a new design philosophy which will be launched at the show.

These designs will be known as the Equi-troniX .

Utilising the E-Plex product at its core, has enabled the Equi-troniX designs to bring style, functionality and simplicity to the customer keeping an equestrian theme throughout.


Julian explains:

“The customer is greeted with a home screen that gives them at a glance everything the need to see on arrival at an event and simple functions to get setup like water tank levels, battery voltage and power hook up status. They can then delve deeper into the system and truck controls to allow more detailed control and get more information.

The designs have taken some of the guess work out of these complex Horsebox systems by not only warning the customer of certain situations but how to resolve them. Take low water levels for example, not only will the system show the customer the current water level and warn them if it is too low, but it will also guide the customer around the truck to the correct compartment and connection to top up the water tanks.”


This is just one example of how the new Equi-troniX designs are pushing forward to help the rider and their team get the most out of their time at an event.


If you can’t join us at the show but would like further details please contact Julian Potter at

E-Plex Design Solutions

T: 07462 319457



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