Super B Lithium batteries to perform better

Super B Lithium batteries

Super B have built their reputation building Lithium Ion starter batteries for the motor sport industry. They have now launched a traction (Energy) range suitable for Specialist vehicle, industrial, power storage and marine.

All Super B batteries have integral cell balancing to optimise the life of the battery. An external Under & over voltage protection system is needed to protect the battery against damaging high and low voltages. Energy Solutions can offer a variety of options to meet this requirement.

Advantages of Lithium Ion Batteries

Significant weight savings:

50% less weight than lead acid batteries, 75% less weight for same useable AH capacity.

Long cycle life:

Lithium Cells rated for minimum 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, 3000 cycles at 70% DOD (varies by manufacturer)

Ability to release all their stored power at almost any discharge rate:

Lithium Cells will deliver almost the same amount of power at any discharge rate - unlike a lead acid battery which can deliver only a fraction of rated capacity when discharged at high rates.

Fast, efficient charging:

99+% efficient Ah in vs. Ah out. If you are charging from precious solar or generator supplies you will get 1/3 more usable power out.

Safe chemistry:

Stable Lithium-Iron-Phosphate chemistry eliminates thermal-runaway

Charging requirements similar to lead acid:

If you can charge a lead acid battery safely then you can charge a Lithium Ion battery. Simple additional protection is required to prevent damage by over or under voltage conditions.