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ES Lithium Ion Battery

High Capacity Lithium Ion 24V Battery Pack, 10.2 kWh, 400AH (ES - 400AH)

Intelligent Battery

The demand for intelligent batteries which allow greater capacity and optimise power use is on the increase across the marine market. Energy Solutions are addressing that demand with a brand new battery which is designed to be a simple swap out for lead acid batteries. With all the protection and control built in - it is as close to a like for like swap as you can get.


Safe Technology, High Capacity

The battery is composed of Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP), the safest of the mainstream Li-ion battery types. With a capacity of 400 Ah (10.2kWh) the battery is ideal for applications with high energy requirements.

The advantages of Lithium Ion battery technology include:

Example screens from touch screen control panel

Unique Features of ES Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery:

  • Provides high capacity (24V, 400Ah, 10kWh) in a single unit.
  • Primary fusing, current monitoring, protection contactor and display are all integrated.
  • Flexible I/O to connect to a wide range of chargers and inverters.
  • Provision to control external charge and load contactors, if required.
  • Two batteries can be connected in series to provide 48 volts - only a single CANbus cable is needed.
  • Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel for higher capacity and redundancy.
  • External CANbus available with protocol on request.


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High Capacity Lithium Ion 24V Battery Pack, 10.2 kWh, 400AH (ES - 400AH)

ES Lithium Ion (ES - 400AH)