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ES DockPower

Dual shore cord isolation transformer

The demand for shore power means that larger motor yachts often have dual 32A or even dual 63A shore power sockets. This requires the boat’s internal AC circuitry to be split into two entirely separate groups - normally air conditioning and domestic. But if one circuit tries to pull more than the maximum rating there’s nothing to be done to stop the dockside load circuit breaker tripping, even if the other cord has plenty of capacity left.

The DockPower isolation transformer range from Energy Solutions solves this problem by allowing boat owners to bring two shorepower leads onto a boat and combine them into a single supply to feed all the boat’s loads. The two cords are loaded equally which ensures you get the maximum amount of power on board. Suitable for a range of vessels from large sailing boats to mid-sized motor yachts, DockPower provides an important solution to their specific power requirements.

Designed and manufactured by Energy Solutions, the DockPower range was developed to meet many of the difficulties faced by customers.

ES DockPower

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ES DockPower Features

Provides galvanic isolation from the marina supply eliminating concerns about corrosion due to stray earth current.

Worldwide connectivity with DockPower’s universal input allowing you to plug in anywhere - Europe, Caribbean, USA etc

DockPower will condition poor local supplies to give you precisely regulated voltage onboard helping with low voltage problems at marina berths.

Incorporates full isolation transformer functionality for both shore cords.

Checks that both shore cords are of the correct voltage and phase before connecting them onboard.

If only one dockside outlet is available it will just connect to one supply.

If one dockside supply trips or is disconnected, the unit immediately disconnects that cord to ensure voltage is not backfed to the male plug.

An automatic changeover system is incorporated as standard and can cater for generators upto 110 A

DockPower is available in 3 versions:

DockPower - 2 x 07.5 kva

2 x 32 amp - European
H : 620mm W : 625mm D : 450mm

DockPower - 2 x 15.0 Kva

2 x 50 amp - USA
H : 620mm W : 625mm D : 450mm

DockPower - 2 x 15.0 Kva

2 x 63 amp - European
H : 620mm W : 625mm D : 450mm

All units require clearance behind for ventilation

Maximising power capacity

 Isolation Transformer providing a unique power solution:

  • Combines two shore power leads into a single power supply
  • Available in three versions (Euro & USA)
  • Suitable for a large range of vessels
  • Provides galvanic protection


Galvanic Protection

Bringing shore power onto a yacht offers a great deal of convenience for the owner, but it can also lead to galvanic corrosion. ES DockPower offers galvanic protection therefore eliminating this problem.