Gel or AGM batteries, which one do you need?

posted on: Oct 04 2016 in Marine, Off grid, Vehicle, Industrial

Not sure which battery type you need? Don’t panic – our technical team have put together this short guide to help you work it out.

It’s worth understanding the makeup of the two battery types, primarily this relates to the type of medium the electrolyte is held in. The term AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Matt, in AGM batteries, the electrolyte is held within this matting, which can be likened to a sponge between the plates. In a GEL battery, the electrolyte is held within a thick gel like putty compound

Both battery types are also referred to VRLA batteries, this stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid. AGM and GEL batteries are normally offered in the same capacity and come in the same case dimensions.

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VariPower Launched Today

posted on: Jun 07 2016 in Off grid, Industrial

VariPower TM Launched Today

The Variable Speed Hybrid Generator Power Solution 

Energy Solutions launched their latest innovation – VariPower - a unique variable speed generator power system today at their Head Office in Rochester. With many people attending the event they saw the first demonstration of the unit which offers flexible, efficient power for temporary and off grid power environments.

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VariPower - Variable Speed Hybrid Generator

posted on: May 09 2016 in Off grid, Industrial

Launch Event 7th June 2016

VariPower – Variable Speed Hybrid Generator System

June 2016 sees the launch of Energy Solutions' latest power innovation - VariPower - a variable speed generator combined with a highly efficient battery bank for diesel-free, low power operation. Developed, designed and built in the UK, the range includes the VariPower 10 and 20. Both provide easily transportable, instant power for temporary, back-up and off grid situations in any environment.

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