Warwickshire Glamping Site, Avon Riverside, Benefits from a Sunny Summer of Free Power

posted on: Sep 09 2019 in Case Studies, Off grid


Harry Clark at Grovefield Farm in Warwickshire, has diversified his business with an idyllic glamping site, Avon Riverside, offering three Shepherds huts for luxury camping accommodation. Harry first started looking at the options for supplying reliable power to the huts in 2016. He met with the Energy Solutions sales team who were exhibiting for the first time at the Glamping Show, to see the off grid power options that were available, as a grid connection wasn’t feasible.



Harry was looking to power the three huts with amenities including kettles, media sockets and lighting and wanted a reliable, sustainable solution that could easily deal with full capacity.

The Hybrid Power team at Energy worked with the business to assess their loads, and the possible future capacity required, and the system that was confirmed was an EasyGrid 10000 with JCB G17QX generator and 6.8KW ground mounted solar array.



During a busy summer of glamping the solar array has kept the EasyGrid fully charged both day and night with the generator only needing to run for it’s weekly test run. This has provided silent, free power to the huts for all guests to enjoy the natural environment in peace.


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