Upgrade your EasyGrid System with a Wind Turbine

posted on: Sep 11 2019 in Off grid


All EasyGrid systems have an upgrade option that allows owners to integrate a wind turbine as part of their renewable power input either at time of order or retrospectively. Whilst solar arrays are a good source of renewable power, wind turbines can also deliver valuable additional energy. Solar power can produce great results when the sun is shining but that may be only for a few hours a day, particularly in the UK.  A wind turbine, whilst it may not be as powerful, can be producing power at any point during the course of 24 hours.

By integrating this additional renewable source, owners can further reduce generator run time and running costs.


FuturEnergy AirForce1 turbine

The AirForce 1 turbine is our recommended unit to use with an EasyGrid. The turbines are designed and manufactured in the UK and have already been installed on a number of off grid power installations.

The Airforce 1 has significant benefits over other wind turbines. Many turbines will rotate whenever there is wind, even if there is no demand; requiring a dump load to dissipate the excess energy. Airforce 1 turbines detect the load requirements of the system and will slow or stop the turbine entirely if power is not required. This reduces any unnecessary turbine noise and wear on components and means there is no need to install a dump load.



Another key feature is the sophisticated control system which determines when to stop and start the turbines, monitor and log system performance and protect from adverse weather events.



The touchscreen display on the controller gives visibility on all relevant information about the system, e.g. wind speed, instant power, turbine rpm, max voltage and current. All the information can also be remotely monitored through an online web portal.

For installation, the turbine is designed to accept 48.3mm standard scaffolding tubes for mounting and can be supplied with an additional guy-wire kit for mounting.




The Energy Solutions’ Off Grid Technical Sales team is able to help all clients with integration of Wind Power with an EasyGrid, and can be contacted at:


01634 290772


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