The Air Quality and Emissions Show

posted on: Nov 19 2018 in Hybrid, Off grid, Industrial , Exhibitions


The Air Quality and Emissions Show (November 21st & 22nd - 2018) is the 10th in the series of Air Quality & Emissions Events focusing on industrial air emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Regulators of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, ambient air quality monitoring, the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes controlled by local authorities and SEPA, MCERTS standards and all aspects of air quality monitoring, protection and treatment.


Mark Penny, Energy Solutions' Head of Sales, is presenting at the Show's conference programme, organised by the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), His presentation "Delivering clean air on construction sites with temporary hybrid power generation" covers the benefits for construction firms in introducing hybrid power to their plant mix.


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