Stranger Things ice cream van

posted on: Jan 13 2021 in Case Studies, Vehicle


Case Study: Lithium System – Stranger Things ice cream van

Ice cream vans have been going through a level of transformation over the last couple of years with manufacturers looking to incorporate battery power for the onboard equipment to reduce both noises and fumes. This is a welcome move and one which was mirrored by the Energy team with a slightly more unusual ice cream van that needed silent, emission-free power.



The promotional vehicle was being used in busy locations to promote the Netflix series Stranger Things, and the agents and client wanted to ensure that the van could deliver the ice creams, but without the noise and emissions of an engine or generator.

Similar to other systems the team recommends for mobile work vehicles, the system installed utilised Victron Energy’s highly efficient MultiPlus with Smart Lithium batteries and a Color Control bringing all the monitoring together.



The benefits of the lithium battery system are its high efficiency from a relatively small footprint (compared to similar lead-acid battery systems) It delivers reliable power for running the onboard equipment during busy times with the batteries being recharged when the vehicle is plugged into the mains each night.


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