Saying “I Do” With Silent Power

posted on: May 22 2018 in Case Studies, Off grid

Hadsham Farm Weddings, Oxfordshire

EasyGrid 10000 Case Study

When you own a property off grid finding the right power solution is essential, you need to assess your loads and ensure your appliances are appropriate. One client of ours, Charlie Taylor did just that for his farm house and working with our Off Grid Team settled on an EasyGrid 10000 to supply his power. The unit is linked to a backup generator and full solar array to ensure that the maximum level of renewable energy is harvested and the family can run appliances and facilities at much the same level as a home connected to the grid.



With an internet connection it is also possible for Charlie to monitor and view what’s happening with his off grid power system via the Victron VRM website, this shows him all the relevant parameter and historic data including battery capacity, power usage and solar input. The system also comes with enhanced generator control, allowing him to view a range of parameters from why the generator is running to time remaining to next test run.

When Charlie moved onto looking at power for his business - Hadsham Farm Weddings Ltd – he had the same off grid issues as his home.  Happy with his own EasyGrid and again working closely with the Energy Solutions Off Grid Team, he decided that another 10000 unit would be perfect for supplying the power required for all the catering, lighting and media at the venue. Once again renewables and generators are linked to the unit to ensure a full capacity of efficient power at all times.



Located in a secluded Cotswold valley in north Oxfordshire the venue provides a stunning permanent tipi wedding reception venue suitable for up to 200 guests. The tipis offer full catering facilities, lights, sound systems and heating so although not in constant use the power demands would be significant when in use. The big advantage of the EasyGrid system is that it can supply silent power when needed (no generator running during the speeches!) enhancing the rural ambience of the venue. At set stages the generator will start, picking up peak loads and recharging the batteries if solar power is low. 

Charlie is delighted with the system – they are almost fully booked for weddings until 2020 so the system will be working hard while their guests enjoy their day!



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