Rural House Lincolnshire - Reliable Off Grid Power

posted on: Oct 30 2012 in Case Studies, Off grid

The client owns a detached property in a rural part of Lincolnshire.  He had always relied on an off-grid system to provide the power for his home. However, his existing system proved expensive, noisy and unreliable, and frequently required him running a generator for 16 hours per day.

After learning about Energy Solutions range of Off-Grid systems, which focused on reducing generator run times, the customer contacted us.  We undertook a site survey to establish his power needs, peak loads and consumption, present and future. It was decided to install a 5kW off grid kit, a 7kw Northern Lights generator and 1100Ah Rolls batteries. This was perfect for both his current needs and future requirements, whilst allowing for solar panels to be added at a later date as the client’s budget allows.

To make the system convenient, and easy-to-operate, the remote control panel was located in the kitchen area. The client could therefore monitor the system at all times, and if needed, carry out a remote generator start-up from inside the house.

The off-grid system was installed in a small outbuilding. Installation took one day to complete, and it was operational immediately.

The biggest savings for the customer is the reduction in generator running times, and fuel costs. It is estimated that his fuel costs have been reduced by £5k per year, as the new system generator will be running for only 3 hours per day, resulting also in a quieter home environment.

Off-grid system incorporating:

  • 5kw Victron Inverter / Charger
  • 7kw Northern Lights Generator
  • 1100Ah Rolls Batteries
  • ES Remote Panel


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