Remote House Kent - Silent Off Grid Power

posted on: Sep 10 2012 in Case Studies, Off grid

We were approached to design an off grid system for a luxury weekend retreat home in a remote location in Kent, in Spring 2012. At the time the owner was solely using a generator to provide power, but this was proving to be a noisy and uneconomic option. The main requirement of the new off grid solution was to have near silent running with only minimal use of the generator.

Our solution was to supply a standard Energy Solutions 5Kw off grid kit with the addition of 2Kwp of solar. The generator will only run if there is a shortage in energy produced from the solar.

The roof mounted solar panels were designed to have a minimal visual impact on the home.  Positioned  within the roof gully to be as unobtrusive yet efficient as possible they were  installed and commissioned by our own MCS registered team, allowing the customer to claim an income from the Government’s generation tariff for the power created.

The system has been running throughout the summer with all energy being provided silently by the solar, any excess energy is stored in the batteries for use later. During the winter when there is less sun the batteries will be charged during the week ready for weekend use.

Off-grid system incorporating:

  • 5kw Victron Inverter / Charger
  • 2kwp Solar (PV)
  • 2kw Victron Solar Inverter
  • 1100Ah Rolls Batteries
  • ES Remote Panel
  • Customer’s Generator

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