Remote Highlands Home - linking Off Grid and Renewables

posted on: Apr 16 2013 in Case Studies, Off grid

Jamie Robinson has lived in an off grid situation all his life. He chose the Energy Solutions’ Frame Mount Off Grid system over other solutions available due to its user functionality, versatility and ability to link in with renewables.

Some of Energy Solutions Off Grid systems have a semi-bespoke design to ensure they match customer’s exact requirements, Jamie’s was one such example.  The kit consists of a 5KW Victron Quattro inverter,  linked to an SDMO 5KW auto start generator with a Rolls battery bank of 1100AH at 48V. The off grid kit starts the generator when required. The kit is linked with grid tied renewables:  solar & wind.

Overall the kit provides an artificial grid and the renewable power is used in the property first with any leftover being diverted back to the batteries. The generator running times are set to maximise renewable options. For example it will not run the generator and achieve a full charge to the batteries first thing in the morning so as to maximise the potential solar yield.

The inverter also has a “power assist” function and it will use the generator as backup thus giving 10KW of available power. Waste heat from the jacket water of the generator exhaust are used to heat domestic hot water and also the poly tunnel in winter.

As an experienced engineer Jamie was able to install and commission the system himself and is more than happy  to demonstrate and talk through the system to anyone in Western Scotland who is interested in an off grid solution.

“My business is working with alternative energy, after looking at other options I have found the Energy Solutions’ Off Grid approach to work the most effectively. So much so that as well as installing it for my own home, I recommend and install them for my own customers in Western Scotland.” If you would like to contact Jamie to discuss the Off Grid system you can reach him via his website:

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