Remote Grouse Shooting Estate Gets EasyGrid Power

posted on: Aug 12 2016 in Case Studies, Off grid

A remote bothy on a Grouse shooting estate near Aviemore, Scotland is the new home for an EasyGrid 5000. The EasyGrid power system was specified and installed by Jamie Robinson of Alternative Engineering who worked with the client to ensure they got a power solution that was exactly right for their needs.

Jamie explans: “ The bothy is cut off for long periods due to snow over the winter months. The owners had renovated the bothy but it was rarely used due to its idiosyncratic power and heating system.  Previously they had installed a 30KVA generator and all the domestic heating was electric. The generator was set to auto start periodically on a clock, but this proved unreliable and the house went for long periods with no power or heating. Damp was therefore a large problem. They regularly found that after they had spent a significant amount of time getting to the property, intending to stay for a few days, the generator wasn’t in a running condition and they had to abandon the idea.”

Due to the remoteness, Jamie recommended an Easygrid system. “I had no wish to assemble a system from scratch in such a remote location. The generator shed is also set into a bank and is partially underground so the idea of an enclosed weatherproof unit was also very appealing.” One of the final aspects he also recommended was a thermostatically controlled heating unit to keep the electronics and batteries in good condition over the cold winter months. This wouldn’t have been possible with any other kind of installation. A 4KW solar array was also installed to reduce generator running hours and to keep the batteries in good health.

Now that reliable power was an option, the owners also installed a wet central heating system in the property. This will utilise a standard oil fired domestic system. The oil burner was adapted to burn diesel to avoid having 2 storage tanks.

Jamie was particularly pleased with the install times for the EasyGrid: “The easy grid system itself was a joy to install. Whilst being heavy, and requiring material handling equipment, the actual installation was easily completed in a day. In my opinion the EasyGrid systems are fantastic. Anything that reduces installation time and makes the system more insulated from the elements has got to be a good thing.”

The owners are now able to make more use of the bothy and can enjoy the comforts that reliable power brings. And whether they are onsite or away they are benefiting from the  colour control unit on the Easygrid  which provides them with a really useful and interactive insight into power usage at the property.

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