Off Grid System, Park House, Scotland

posted on: Mar 19 2015 in Off grid

​Energy Solutions supplies Alternative Engineering Solutions in Highlands, Scotland with the off grid systems and generators for their clients across the regoin.

Off Grid System, Park House, Scotland Park House is in the West of Scotland, a few miles from Knoydart, and is a small business where the owner lives in an adjoining flat and the three bedroom house is rented out as a holiday let.

The house has never had a grid connection and is unlikely to ever have the possibility of one, so the owner was looking to obtain permanent power with the option of renewables; solar to start with, with a small wind turbine to follow. Renewables allow the owners to reduce diesel consumption – a key factor - as diesel has to bought in by boat to the property making it an expensive and time consuming task.

The new owner of the property got in contact with Jamie via his website and the initial consultation and site visit allowed Alternative Engineering to build a full set of recommendations, specification and a quote.  The owner needed the system to offer a good level of automation so that guests would not need to be bothered by an antique, needy generator.

The solution for the house was an Energy Solutions’ Frame Mounted System with 5KW inverter and 3KW ground based PV array.  Supplied, installed and commission by Jamie within a tight schedule it has been a success all round.

Jamie sums up the project: “The Energy Solutions Off Grid Frame Mount system is fantastic and was perfect for this situation - it gives really good functionality and is a total plug and play solution. Because it contains all the electrical conformity required, even if the house wiring is old, by installing this system it makes it safe at source. The user can easily change their generator starting parameters according to the time of year or renewable options. So whilst being a large value initial outlay, it does save time and money for clients on installation costs.”

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