Off Grid Power Solutions for Busy Farms

posted on: May 27 2020 in Hybrid


Off Grid Systems to Power Demand & Growth

Power for remote buildings, ancillary facilities and new business ventures is a necessity for many farms. In busy times the need to expand to meet supply, or diversify to use resources more efficiently is an important is key to a successful business.

Traditionally, if a mains connection was not available or too costly, a generator has been used as an alternative power source to power remote or new facilities. However, running a generator 24/7 is costly in fuel and servicing costs and offers no option to accommodate alternative, sustainable power sources. 

Our hybrid power solutions offer a cost effective alternative to generators for owners needing to power standalone and remote sites. All of our off grid power systems offer a reduction in fuel and servicing costs, lower emissions, remote monitoring and the ability to link to renewables.

Our EasyGrid & SiteGrid hybrid units can be connected to new or existing generators and also have the option to connect to a solar array and wind turbine, reducing fuel costs & generator run time. See how they are already being used in farms across the UK below.


Expand your business, reduce emissions & costs

Traditionally generators have provided the power needed for farming activities in isolated areas. However, they can be an expensive and ineffective way of delivering energy. See how this farm has installed an off grid power solution to power facilities in their new poultry barns.

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One of our latest off grid systems was supplied to a farm in Suffolk that had a new grain store but no affordable way to get a grid connection. The owners were also concerned that although their power demands were low initially, they had the potential to increase significantly.

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Farm houses and offices can be powered by our off grid power systems and the integration of solar and deliver significant amounts of free energy to a site. Many clients see great returns such as this client in Yorkshire who generated over 90% of their energy from their solar array in the first few months of installation.

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