Off Grid Power for Catalonian Masia

posted on: Aug 22 2017 in Case Studies, Off grid


EasyGrid 10000 Case Study

Traditional dwellings with character, Masia’s are old stone houses typical to the Catalan Principality in Spain. They are listed buildings, protected by the government from major modification, and are usually in very isolated, picturesque settings. The one owned by our client was no exception, located an hour north of Barcelona, in a typically secluded and hard to access area.  

Originally the property had a small solar array linked to two car batteries and a 1kW inverter, and whilst this provided some power for basics, it was not sufficient for the building to operate comfortably as a holiday home. The owner started investigating the options available to them for sustainable, efficient off grid power - and after researching they settled with an EasyGrid system. The appeal in this remote location was that the system came preconfigured, offered a large power capacity and was ready to be immediately connected to the new solar array which they bought as part of the system.



The owner worked with the team at Energy to establish the best size unit for their current and future needs at the house. Taking into account the size of the property, it’s use as holiday accommodation and future potential additions, it was felt that the EasyGrid 10000 offered the best solution. 

The logistics of getting the EasyGrid system delivered onto site and installing it quickly and effectively was an obvious concern for the client - so Energy Solutions put them in contact with their new dealer in Barcelona, Off Grid Solutions, to do the installation for them. Karl Smith at Off Grid Solutions was able to help them get the unit situated correctly on site and he and his team then installed the off grid system and connected it to the new solar array and the small back - up generator.



The owner is very happy with the EasyGrid system as it means the house can be used in the same way you would any home. Power is available, day and night and there is sufficient power for all amenities.


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