New 48V System Power Standard

posted on: Mar 11 2021 in Marine


Alternators and Regulators for 48VDC Systems from Balmar

Boatbuilders and owners are increasingly specifying 48V systems that meet the need for ever-increasing power demands from DC battery systems. Running Victron inverters to power air conditioning and cooking for example, can stretch 12V systems beyond practical application. 

The benefits of a 48V system include much more efficient components such as chargers, the ability to install larger capacity inverters, manageable cable sizes, and of course higher output alternators in reasonable package sizes. 


The new 96-series alternators from Balmar deliver a new standard for emerging 48V battery banks and inverter systems.

When paired with the new MC-620 Regulator it allows owners to combine the advantages of Balmars multi-stage regulation capability in a 48V charging system. Offered in two power packages of 60A and 100A , these high-power alternators provide 2.9kW and 4.8kW of charging power respectively. 


Lithium batteries can be charged at very high rates, so a 48V system can accomplish this in a cost-effective way. With much lower cut-in speeds than alternatives in the market (1,325 RPM for 60A, 2,200 RPM for 100A) the  96-Series makes more power at lower RPM, thereby limiting the need for complex pulley schemes or over-throttling the engine at idle.

The technical sales team at Energy can help you to create the 48V system for your project and supply all the necessary components, or you can purchase all the elements you need directly online.


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